Fully custom Harry Potter wand holder

So I’ve got a few wands over the past few years from Hogwarts and since moving into the new house I had no idea where to put them or what to do with them since I had like 3 in a box in my closet which is not cool. Decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and grab few planks of wood, some spray paint, some bolts and make my own wand holder. After about a week of letting it dry, adding some gold, magical stuff, it turned out pretty good. Also added the map that came with the wands behind it and turned out pretty cool. This is only one want (Sirius Black) since I need to buy more bolts to attach more. Check it out below.


Soon as I get more of the bolts and paint them I’ll add the other two wands to the display and post an update, should look even better with more wands.

Quick stay at Springhill Suites Marriott in Sugarland, Texas


Next trip down to Texas wanted to buy a new truck, so stayed at this brand new hotel for the night. Don’t you love the fresh smell of brand new hotel.

Stayed here twice when getting a new ride and also before I headed out of town, both times were amazing. This place is brand spankin new, fresh as can be, fresh smells, clean hallways, smooth locks, smooth toilet flush you name it.

Soon as you walk in your greeted with a smile, they even hooked me up with a couple bottles of water. It’s a safe good area as well, if your concerned you can ask for the first floor parking lot and you can literally park your car right in front of your hotel room. The rooms are spacious with large closets, showers, and a desk. WIFI was IFFY at the time but most of the time was excellent, for $100 a night this is better than a 5 star hotel.

Website for Sugarland Hotel:

Marketplace Grill Little Rock Review

Potato Soup at Marketplace

Baked Potato Soup wasn’t bad, but wasn’t wham bam pow either.

Eh, guess Marketplace Grill was an old Johnny Carinos restaurant what it looks like to me, when we arrived there was no hostess for a bit, and the restaurant was pretty slow on a Friday night.


Lady’s ribs, she enjoyed them, but no comparison to the Whole Hogs Ribs.

Our server was decent, they do offer a gluten free menu which has many items to chose from, however no gluten-free bread. All the burgers on the menu just had a -minus the bread underneath them, lazy but nonetheless thank you for trying.


Texas Grill “Cooked to Perfection” as she said it like a robot, AH RUN!

For main course, I had the the Texas Grill which is a half chicken with vegetables cooked to “Perfection” as they say, both were satisfying and the mash potatoes were the best part. I mean I could probably get this meal many other places in town but I’m on an adventure to try every restaurant in his city, so nothing at the moment to say yes let’s go back tonight. Thank you however for having a gluten-free menu.

Site: http://www.marketplacegrill.com/


Capers, Little Rock Gluten Free Seafood


Crab Cakes (not gluten free)

Drove past this place a few times and decided to give it a shot yesterday, was greeted by a very nice lady who knew literally everyone in the restaurant, this is def a older locals crowd type spot with an impressive wine list.

They also have a gluten free menu which has nice options on it and a variety of fish choices to chose from.  We both got different glasses of wine and were excellent choices and she even let us taste a sample of the house cab (no thanks) but had a better option to chose from.


Excellent Shrimp Cocktail, seasoned, and tasty!

We got the Shrimp Cocktail appetizer which was seasoned and I’m from the coast, I’ve never seen Shrimp seasoned on a cocktail before but I have to say why don’t they do this down south? It was excellent and tasty!

My mouth chose the Salmon with rice and spinach, and the only spot for not 5 stars was it was entirely fishy/frozen and smelt horrible and had to send it back, I hate sending stuff back but paying $23 for rancid fish is not my idea of spending money. However our waitress was totally understanding and put me in the Grouper with rice and veg which came out quickly and was some of the best grouper I’ve had in a long time, nice white, flakey and tasted a lot more fresh than the Salmon.


Fish Selections at Capers

Quite a pricey joint but the ambience, service, and wine selection are definitely worth giving this place a go, especially a romantic date night.


Nadeau Furniture, Little Rock, Arkansas Review

Well after few days of setting up stuff I searched for more furniture stores and came across one called Nadeau which describes themselves as “Furniture with a Soul” which accurately describes their furniture and style. I love the place, it smells good, they have awesome selections of furniture. The not so good, we would have bought a lot more furniture here but the staff doesn’t help that much and seemed kind of burdened when asking them things.


Cool stuff at Nadeau, no returns!

The real issue is the store is totally unorganized, they throw stuff everywhere to make it more of an eclectic feel which I totally understand but when I’m trying to find two night stands, or matching dressers you have to look over the entire stuff to find a matching piece, then not know if it’s the same or not. If they would put matching collections together we would have probably ended up buying an entire furniture set from this place. However asking the staff every time “hey is there another one like this” gets real old real fast. Also if you get it home and it falls apart there is no returns, so It’s a dope store just badly managed, Nadeau just organize your store and you’ll sell a lot more.


So I’ll if your searching the web click read more for a bunch of photos of what kind of stuff they offer.

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Getting things setup in the new casa, designer chillin

So being up here I have a lot of free time to try and be Martha Stewart, it fails a lot but sometimes it turns out pretty good, so keep checking back for progress on my elite designer skills. So here are some photos of my progress and trip back to Texas.


Setting up my new security camera system, all IP cams, drop box


Got a new couch, turned out to big, but too comfortable to return

Hit read more to continue on..

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Whole Hog Cafe, Little Rock, AR

So I’ve had bbq in all the best cities, Charleston, Birmingham, Austin, Houston, Phoenix and let me tell you this is right on par with some of the best BBQ made in the world, when they have more then two sauces you know the place is legit, Whole Hog legit.

whole hog

Ate on our bed since we just moved in, had no tables!

Got it TOGO and had a feast at home of Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Brisket Pickles, like darn this is some good BBQ. I’m so glad Little Rock has an epic place like this that is also gluten-free in their sauces, the service was friendly and quick and also got a gallon of tea to go… I think I might just go back tonight. Also (All Gluten-Free) except the rolls.

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