Disney on Drugs, Disney Tokyo Food Experience

Check out this video I found on Disney Tokyo that is from one of my favorite Vloggers (user: Thingamavlogs) check them out if you haven’t, these guys n gals check out all the latest cool stuff at Disneyland as well as Tokyo Disney most recently. Some of the food items here have blown my mind and wish Disney World in the USA would pick up their theme game because Tokyo Disney takes to all new level, need to book a trip here ASAP. If you want to see what Disney looks like on drugs basically and upping their game check it out.

Quick Italian craving sesh at Bellinos Corpus

One of my favorite grub spots in Corpus Christi, Bellinos Italiano! Gluten free pasta and excellent authentic flair with great wine as well, this is a quick foodie post.


Love Bellinos cheese plate, so nom nom.


Gluten Free Something with Chicken, so damn good.

If you missed last weeks blog post check it out below.

First trip to Little Rock, Arkansas…

First trip to Little Rock, Arkansas…

First trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, buying a house up there and we came up to check out some homes we found online. Spent the entire 3 days seeing over 25 homes and found one to call home, check out my full adventure and see some great places I grubbed at.

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The essence of Corpus Christi Photo

So had a pre-wedding dinner party to hit up and didn’t manage to grab any photos of the meal, but did take an awesome shot of the U.S.S Lexington while dining on the second floor of Fajitaville. This pretty much sums up corpus, beach, tourism, Mexican food you got it.


Overview from Fajitaville Restaurant


annnnd beautiful moon risin!

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