Fully custom Harry Potter wand holder

So I’ve got a few wands over the past few years from Hogwarts and since moving into the new house I had no idea where to put them or what to do with them since I had like 3 in a box in my closet which is not cool. Decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and grab few planks of wood, some spray paint, some bolts and make my own wand holder. After about a week of letting it dry, adding some gold, magical stuff, it turned out pretty good. Also added the map that came with the wands behind it and turned out pretty cool. This is only one want (Sirius Black) since I need to buy more bolts to attach more. Check it out below.


Soon as I get more of the bolts and paint them I’ll add the other two wands to the display and post an update, should look even better with more wands.

H-town love and stay at the Hotel ZaZa


Welcome to Hotel ZaZa

So recently had a quick weekend vacation in Houston on the way back to Corpus Christi and we stayed at Hotel ZaZa, a quaint boutique hotel with cool views, cool meeting rooms, and mostly great service.

However my first stay at the ZaZa for a medical conference was a let down for a $269/night hotel. First issue was the AC didn’t go below 75 degrees.

I called the maintenance and they worked on it for about an hour and then explained now it’s blowing 55 it’s fixed. Came back to the room that night and hot as can be, sweated all night and was to late to switch rooms after all of our stuff was unloaded and leaving the next day anyway.

(at check-out the lady took off a $50 room service charge for this issue which was awesome and unexpected).


Some beautiful views of Houston at the Hotel ZaZa

Hit read more to see my full review of Hotel ZaZa, a non gluten free friendly hotel.

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the Pantry Eatery, a German gluten free spot!


the Pantry’s gluten free menu

The Pantry Eatery is an excellent food option for Gluten Free dining located in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have two locations one in West Little Rock and one in Hillcrest. www.littlerockpantry.com

First time we tried to go here couldn’t find a parking spot so we left, the parking lot was so small, and it was weird because we looked inside and it wasn’t that busy. However we came back a few nights later to an excellent experience.

They have a gluten free menu that will make a allergy foody take a second look, I mean some of the dishes are awesome and something you don’t get everyday anywhere. Especially German food. The cocktails are real iffy, some good, some are downright nasty, however the Daiquiri is one of the best I’ve ever had.


Full on German experience at the Pantry in West Little Rock

The Savory Pantry pie is what I ordered after our appetizer of Deviled Eggs which were very tasty, this excellent tasty pie has “Hearty Goulash Stew and Mash Potatoes” it was good, and even good for leftovers. If your in the area check this place out, it was a cool restaurant with a modern German interior and great service.

Little Greek Restaurant and second visit to Bonefish


Located in Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center

Tried Istanbul the day before and wanted to try Little Greek the next day to compare both. I have to say both of them are delicious, both have excellent staff, and both places are clean and tidy.

The beef and chicken kabobs with rice were very tasty, well marinated, and the Greek salad that accompanied it was huge and very good. Least favorite part was the rice pudding, not sure whats up with that stuff but way to much cinnamon kills any dish. However I will be back to the Little Greek, was a great feast. Gluten Free as well!


Little Greek Food Spread (gluten free) those fries thou NOM

Update to Bonefish stomach library, see original review here.

Little Greek

Lady had the stuffed Lobster, looked pretty tasty.

Best gluten free bakery in the world, Dempsey Bakery

Finding a place as epic as Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock is like finding a diamond in a coconut, just awesome. An all gluten-free bakery.


Dempsey Bakery, Located in downtown Little Rock, was once a corvette dealership.

Moving here from Texas I was hoping there would be a gluten free restaurant or too but I certainly didn’t expect an entire bakery! First visit was amazing, this is a gluten free/food allergen paradise for someone who’s searching for quality food.

Hit read more to see more photos of this beautiful place.

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