ZaZa Pizza in the Heights, Gluten Free Crust

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free crust

Zaza Fine Salad & Wood Oven Pizza I found while driving around the Heights, Little Rock. I called and asked if they had gluten free pizza and they did, so I was super syked.  Now it’s a cool place hidden away behind a shopping center but it’s very cozy, perfect spot to relax on a cold day. You walk in, order through a assembly line type of thing. I chose the Potato and Tomato & a Prosciutto and Arugula pizza. Thought they would be an awesome choice and tastyness, also with a glass of Prosecco.


Potato & Tomato Gluten Free Crust Pizza

So I sat at the (mini) bar next to the gelato side, went to the bathroom and came back with my number. I waited about 20 minutes and then I had to pick up my friend and the lady overheard me say I’m waiting on my pizza, she grabbed it from the heated section and apologized. I guess it had been sitting there for 10 minutes.. nobody brought the pizza to me, so if it wasn’t for my phone call I would have ended up waiting forever? Number was useless.

The pizza itself, eh, maybe it was the gluten free crust that sucked but delivery pizza is better, at least on the day I went and the choices I made, it was dry, no real flavor, and lacked any actual pizza qualities. The prosecco was awesome.

Pho Thanh My in Little Rock

Hit up some Pho on this 54 degree weather day to soothe the soul and it was decent pho, Id give it a 2/5, the greens were wilted, the service was 5 star however. The Taro bubble tea was almost to thick, could still taste the powder while you slurped. The pho itself was decent, good broth, good meat, excellent noodles, however the smell lacked what I look for in a Pho, I’d be back if I ran out of other Pho options.


Pho Thanh My spread, Taro Tea, Spring Rolls, and Thai Iced Tea

My first Brazilian restaurant, Cafe Bossa Nova

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free noted items on menu
+40/50% of menu is gluten free!

Cafe Bossa Nova is epically awesome not to mention totally delicious and a unique experience, it’s what I love about Little Rock. You can literally pick which cuisine you want any given night, German, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese etc, it’s not just throw together.


Sorry for blurry shot, but menu noted with GF options, excellent cocktails!

It’s a fully authentic experience from the cheese rolls to the yucca root app that tastes just like potatoes. You also can’t go wrong with the caipirinha drink which they have a variety of flavors. Also get some Acai juice to go, super food! Bossa rocks!


This place was so good, gluten free salmon cakes, nomnomnom

First time we had the gluten free cheese bread, yucca root, chicken with rice and beans, and also the salmon cakes. Everything was super delicious and can’t wait to go back.

Check them out here at their website:

Mexican in Little Rock? Local Lime it is!

Gluten Free Review
+menu marked with (gf) for gluten free items
+also everything is mostly corn based that is (gf)

The Local Lime is located in the Chenal Promenade where parking sucks as always in, however once you park and walk in this is probably one of the coolest Mexican restaurants you’ve ever been too, pretty dope on the inside, the bar is also one of the coolest bars I’ve found in LR.


Welcome to the Local Lime!

Service was great, seated right away, got the trio and chips appetizer. Got a house margarita which was decent, but a little heavy on the sweet and sour. I chose the Pescado De La Cruz their house specialty which was tasty, real heavy on the raw onion and tomato but none the less was good. Nothing was overwhelming like OMG so good, but it was alright. I’d def come back once I make my rounds of all the other choices in LR. Props for having a menu noted with GF items!


Straight up Mexican experience going down.

Fully custom Harry Potter wand holder

So I’ve got a few wands over the past few years from Hogwarts and since moving into the new house I had no idea where to put them or what to do with them since I had like 3 in a box in my closet which is not cool. Decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and grab few planks of wood, some spray paint, some bolts and make my own wand holder. After about a week of letting it dry, adding some gold, magical stuff, it turned out pretty good. Also added the map that came with the wands behind it and turned out pretty cool. This is only one want (Sirius Black) since I need to buy more bolts to attach more. Check it out below.


Soon as I get more of the bolts and paint them I’ll add the other two wands to the display and post an update, should look even better with more wands.

First week of September random things…

Did a couple random things this week, not much food update, but check it.


Hmm what did I do this week?

I pulled off some old light switches with vomit color and spray painted them all gold because it’s baller shit. I also spray painted my entire work bench area gold, because that’s baller as shit. Also grubbed at some restaurant and had an excellent tuna something salad, but can’t remember the name of it. Also drove back to Texas on the right up there and took that beautiful shot on the bridge.

Just wing it at Buffalo Wild Wings

So wings are always a great option if your gluten free, as long as they are not deep fried with batter and cross contaminated with chicken strips. Buffalo Wild Wings is a place I haven’t had a problem with in the past and always is a good choice for some messy eatin. Checked out this location in West Little Rock and was a great quick dinner, not the healthiest but I don’t give a fuck lol, which I should. Also, who doesn’t love wings?


Drinks, Spicy as fuck nachos, and excellent wings, can’t go wrong.

Watch out for those nachos, what’s cool is they dont use corn chips! They actually use real potato chips and pork, cheese on top, however they are spicy as shit and burn your mouth. We got garlic, bbq, lemon wings and damn I could use some right now.

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