Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2009

Our bartender told me about a new grape called the “Gewurztraminer” I’ve never heard of… reading up on it, they say its a cross of Sauv Blanc and other varietals, very sweet. Made with Steel Casks, no oak barrels. I can’t drink it, way to sweet for me, but the lady seems to like.


In this vintage to be remembered, about two-thirds of the grapes were sourced from the cool Central Coast region of California, where early spring rains led to a bit of Noble Rot in just enough grape bunches to add a touch of complexity and richness to the wine. Tangerine, mango and clean aromas of orange spice join with pineapple, baked pears and hints of tell-tale cinnamon, common to Gew├╝rztraminer. This wine can be zesty, and flavors of clove, orange and caramelized apples come to the fore.

Price: $8
Location: Hopland, California