Kafe Kalik Orlando Itl

It’s about $80 for a couple Grey Gooses and Sushi Rolls… but hey it’s an Airport.. for some reason their prices have to be jacked up right? For no reason at all? Because your at an “airport” the prices have got to be higher…. EXTORTION at it’s finest.

But hey.. the bartender was fast, the chefs didn’t know what gluten was and still got served battered fries/sweet potato fries.. but hey that’s my fault I should know what’s in their ingredients they serve. The sushi is rolled by an amateur and loosely packed and seems like it was her first day making sushi… it was the only gluten-free option besides Wendy’s burgers with no buns so I made it work.

good thing the vodka kicked in.. good thing the vodka kicked in….

Kafe Kalik, Orlando Florida Airport

Nasty Food, Expensive Drinks