Honeymoon Bar & Brunch (Houston)

No Gluten-Free Bread
Excellent coffee, drinks, morning style and flair.
Walk in, wait in the ADD line until you are seated and then wait for service. They have a small menu for breakfast/lunch but it sure is delicious. The bartenders are excellent, I had the Ruben two days in a row except the fact they were out of sauerkraut and didn’t bother to tell me. So it was more of a meat sandwich with no bread and cheese, but the house fritas and sauces on the side were excellent. Overall the food was excellent even without bread, came back the second day!

Literally no parking unless your staying downtown somewhere but this restaurant is open till 2AM and opens at 7AM so I have no idea when they clean it they are always busy! Great spot for upscale hipsters with bow-tie and suits when it’s 100 degrees outside so come on down and grab some brunch and espresso!