Hotel Icon & the Oaks (Houston)

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So this kept popping up as the top rated gluten-free restaurant in the area. Was near my hotel (Hotel Icon).

The food itself is excellent, and tasty and has a great people watching environment. However our waitress had no idea what gluten-free meant and had to ask the chef, she was also the slowest creature to roam this Earth. Forgot sides, didn’t really speak English and was an overall unpleasant experience not knowing if something was gluten-free or not.

They do cater to people with dietary restrictions, but I guess gluten-free is not one of them since they had no idea how to properly handle it or recommend dishes that are gluten free on the menu. The only bonus is they have gluten-free udis toast bread and that’s about it. Everything else your at your own risk because explaining to read the bag to them was not an option.

Eh… had high hopes for this spot but was quite the opposite. Gluten-Free diners look elsewhere. The gluten-free Reuben I finally did get minus the fries since they are not “gluten-free” for some reason was actually pretty darn good.
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