Line & Lariot Restaurant (Houston)

Gluten-Free Bread (Udis)

Decent burger
Came on Mothers day for dinner (huge mistake) seemed like 1 waiter for the entire restaurant. Forgot dressing for salad, forgot extra fork, took like 10 minutes to get water refilled, tea refilled, alcoholic drinks super slooooow service.

When I went to bathroom after 40 minutes of waiting for our food and only 3 tables in the entire restaurant I saw our entire tray of food sitting on a table and asked the bartender can I take this, this is our order.  She goes no she has to take it. The food was cold when it came out and he forgot one of our “mothers” dishes on MOTHERS DAY?!!?

Would never come to this joint again, this restaurant was super slow and the food was crap for the price.

I would fire this restaurant manager ASAP. Horribly ran hotel restaurant. If your staying in this hotel DO NOT EAT HERE, unless you are OKAY with turtle service and the slowest waiters in the game.

Excellent atmosphere however.