Local Foods (Houston)

2015-07-12 13.38.46 (Medium)

Gluten Free Bread Now Available! (It’s also excellent!)

A lot of hype for this sandwich eatery and finally got around to trying it since the arrival of gluten-free bread. Got the honey iced coffee and Kombuchi Peach Tea which was epic.
I split two sandwiches with others, the Roast Beef & the Duck Confit.
The duck confit was good with a Willy Wonka flavor profile of multiple flavors throughout the eating, the cranberry was almost jelly tasting and it paired nicely but it def did not wow factor me. The roast beef was excellent and I guess I’m not a fan of horse radish since that really killed it for me but it was a good sandwich and both of these were all new flavors for me mixed together sandwich style. The best part of the entire meal was the lemongrass chicken soup… like wow I could eat that in the gallons everyday! We dipped both the sandwiches in it, and the Vegan chilli but it seemed the sandwiches were better off without any dipping going on.

We saw homemade chips being made and went up to order some after we got our drinks and thought they would be ready instantly but had to wait and get another number, then we finished our meal and turns out the guy forgot our chips. We waited awhile to consume the soups due to the chips we wanted to taste with it, but oh well next time. I will def be back to try more sandwiches, and different variations but nothing really struck me as AMAZING to come back to within the month… but I’m happy they have great local produce, some organic products and mostly fast and organized service. The interior is also awesome and I love the tables, bar tables, the LOCAL lit up signs and the organic earthy feel. Gluten Free factor is 4 star.