Republic of Texas (Corpus Christi)

Haven’t been here in awhile, had some friends in town and decided to hit it up.

This time around Republic was 5 star all the way, and it was all thanks to an excellent waitress and excellent chef. The food was awesome, the wine was excellent, the sides were perfect and she made sure to double check everything was (gluten-free) for me.


The sauteed carnitas were awesome as usual, and the Filet Mignon mid rare was cooked to perfection. Got some potatoes and asparagus for sides and they were seasoned and it cooked phenom.

Espresso and creme brulee to finish it off was the best part of the meal, still upset there is no chocolate tort dessert even though it’s still on the posters in the elevators but oh well. Can’t wait to go back!

2015-06-19 22.46.31 (Medium)