The Houstonian Hotel (Houston)

This is a 5 star hotel minus the half star they say.
Don’t let it fool you, this is one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in, up to standards of Vegas, the Wynn, and Four Seasons.

I could not find dust, or anything to make me go eww, it was pure eliteness. I wanted to pull a Howard Hughes and stay in my room for a month or more. The LED lit room service bulbs, and smell of fresh scent was amazing.

2015-07-10 20.47.56 (Medium) 2015-07-11 09.33.12 (Medium)

I stayed on the concierge floor which is EPIC for extra $50 night. I had had all day access to food, coffee, social people, and OPEN BAR DUDE!?!! You slide your card, walk in, scoop some ice all out of pure silver, and fill it up! Cans of cranberry, coke, etc… and at nighttime they switch to dessert liquors. Also the chocolate on the spoon was amazing. We ate at the restaurant Olivette and it was decent nothing to rave about, but didn’t have to leave the hotel which is a bonus. Next time would chose different restaurant. Also got room service twice, was was sub par and I was hurting a couple days after I don’t think much is (gluten-free) I should have asked. Otherwise this hotel is an amazing place and I will be back soon!

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