McDonald’s new allergy

2015-08-07 17.03.36I know McDonald’s is horrible and their fries are not 100% gluten-free since the use a hydrolyzed wheat for flavoring (now my stomach is regretting it horribly) but I only had a few. I found out on McDonald’s website here. Though they weren’t for me anyway I had to sneak a couple which I shouldn’t have done. The thing I thought to be noted was now their fryer is contaminated with dairy as well since they started frying their buttermilk chicken strips in the fryer as well, so if you are allergic to wheat/dairy thought I should post about it and the sign.

2015-08-07 17.06.22


I didn’t win anything except more gluten =*(, maybe the million dollars one day. This was just the beginning of my journey to the Woodlands. Will be posting more photos and another blog about my adventure through the Woodlands.