Lucky Pho so NOM (the Woodlands)

Walked in like a pho pimp, almost walked out since no one helped us for a few minutes. However, the service was slow if you know what I mean, but the food was delicious! I’m not counting off for our waiter forgetting my steamed rice because I was already full when I remembered I ordered it. The restaurant had one other table on a Saturday evening at 5PM, that’s why we almost walked out as well.
2015-08-08 17.04.49
However, we ordered the ham spring rolls with peanut sauce which was some of the best I’ve ever had, not a wilt or brown spot on the lettuce and the shrimp was fresh as can be. I got a big bowl of Pho with extra brisket and it had that perfect smell, perfect oily texture and the brisket was tender and tasty and NOMNOM.

This was my all time top 3 PHO I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to over 50 different Pho style¬†restaurants. I left so PHO, don’t mean to be braggin but PHO REAL.

2015-08-08 17.04.44