Drinking gluten free beer while shopping

This Whole Foods was an awesome experience, located in the Woodlands, TX. I wish wish wish Corpus Christi had this kind of grocery store. I also speak from a gluten-free perspective where everything here is noted with organic, non gmo, gluten-free, etc. The environment is super clean and the staff was super helpful.

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2015-08-08 20.36.00



They do have a bar which was full of older gentlemen (locals) with a pretty bartender eh! figures. So walking around to the side to grab a beer was a necessity. They have gluten-free beers (omission lager) which is excellent, especially in a cold mug walking around shopping!

The selection was excellent, huge fish market, huge cheese selection, great deli and eatery. Also breakfast croissants, cakes, cookies, etc. This reminds me of all the other Whole Food’s and if I lived near here I’d come everyday.

Whole Foods PLEASE open a store in Corpus Christi, TX *begs*

Check out my full adventure under Read More, I took photos of several sections of the store as well as a bunch of sweet gluten free stuff I’ve never witnessed before.




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Outside driving in!
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