New products I’ve tried for August

Went on Amazon and bought a few new things to try out in the organicUSDA-Organic-Seal/gluten-free world so I will let you know how they are!




This Lakewood Organic juice is some bomb ass shit, it is like going full Willy Wonka on your taste buds. It’s like $4.99 but it sure is worth it, with stuff like banana, cinnamon, passion fruit and apple all bottled up ready to get in your mouth. The passion fruit gives me a pleasant passion for this juice, if you see it be sure to grab one and make sure its extra chilled. Organic & Gluten Free, check out their site here.




This was rated as a top selling facial scrub for men on Amazon and I’m not usually one to use anything on my face besides an Angels breath. Though I tried this stuff and I have to say I dig it, it has little bugs that grind on your face then massage you and throw mint leaves all up on it and leaves your face like you became a model, quite expensive but look forward to using it every other day. Find it for $10 on Amazon here. Gluten-Free




Now this stuff is the best lotion/hand cream I’ve ever used in my life and at $28 a tube it proves this 100 year old recipe Apothecary style lotion can hold up. It smells like pure lavender bliss and if lavender flowers could make milk this would be it, I put it up my nose just because I want to breathe it in, lol. The tube is extra cool too and gives me that 1900’s vibe and the cap is a bitch to put back on when your hands are lubed up. Gives quite a good coating to hands for a good hour or so before you need your crack lotion addiction again. Check it on Amazon here.