World’s Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

810291001088Yo these are from the Hampton’s so you know it’s like baller shit already, but let me get one thing straight about these chocolate chip cookies. I know my cookies, I’m like the cookie monster and I’ve literally ate 100 different gluten free brands and nothing compares to these bomb ass cookies, they are the best. Especially when you leave them out for a hour or so and let them breathe they become perfectly soft and super tasty. Try some and comment and tell me they are and you know I am right!  Thank you Tate’s for delivering these to us, I could have swore they had wheat in them and had to check the box twice! They also have a few other flavors such as Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Snap’s I have yet to try but will soon! I found these first at Whole Food’s and recently discovered them at World Market. Check them out here.