Chillin goes to Epcot Mexico!

image_wdwlogo1971_1 One of the places we always hit at the end of the day during a trip to Epcot is Mexico! If all else reservations fail and we are not hungry during the journey we always know Mexico will be waiting for us. Now the food there is rather sub par being from Texas but the scenery, themed restaurant and tequila bar on the inside is an epic sight. Check out my journey below for a few photos of what to find inside! I did this back in October 2014 during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.


Click read more for the full journey and the Grand Fiesta Tour!






The outside when your walking by is pretty Aztec Majestic, it’s got elite lighting and cool architecture like the Mayan Temples in Mexico. It’s a great photography spot as well. During the food & wine festival I didn’t grab a photo of the booth but I was already full so couldn’t indulge but they had items like soapillas and carnitas.  






This is the Aztec temple that is also on the inside that the Grand Fiesta Tour ride drives through. You get on the boat ride and cruise through Mexican heritage and then arrive in this room and the smells of Mexican cooking get your nostrils flared and ready for a fiesta and some tequila. Welcome to the San Angel Inn!






This lady has been here forever it seems, when I visited Disney World back in 2012 this same lady was creating wooden creatures, designs, and animals. I verified it with two different photos from the trips and I’m like wow she is probably banking on these $15 wooden cats which I got and named em gato de mexico de tequila. These are an item to grab on your around the world adventure.





It’s time for the Grand Fiesta Tour (a ride that probably needs an updated makeover with drug lords, crime, and the heritage of Mexico). It’s an awesome ride and very classic Disney style and the smell on the inside gives you that nostalgic hit of happiness.



Be sure to say hi to drunken Donald and his amigos!









Time Capsule Engage


This ride jams out with the sounds of Mariachi!


Until next time Epcot Mexico, I will see you soon! I however will not be dining with you this time because the food last time sucked! Sweden here I come.