Chillins favorite EPCOT ride “the Land”

  So what makes Disney World so epic is a ride like the Land, which is located inside EPCOT park of Walt Disney World. This ride is an organic journey through scientific research of plants, life, farming, and the future of tomorrow's generation to preserve life. Even the restaurant located in the land pavilion has all of it's vegetables and salads grown in the Land garden which is a tasty in it's own. Being a foodie it's always my favorite place to go and my all time favorite Disney World ride.


It's a little hot and muggy on the ride since it's in a green house but that does not effect the ride quality, if not it adds to it! Check out my photos of 2012/2014 of going through the Land ride since nothing really changes on this ride expect techniques used in the field to grow and sustain crops. My favorite part is the hydroponics and nutrient film technique growing methods. Also don't forget to grab a vanilla plant and have them send it to your hotel! Click read more to see the full Land adventure! Don't worry it's organic.


Let us begin this journey through fish hatcheries! They are probably GMO but I'm not sure.

How about a Monkey Puzzle tree? Yeah I dunno.
Wonder if they use these for Tequila at Mexico Pavilion?
Mickey Ears! (this is the nutrient film technique)
Mickey Ears! This uses the Nutrient film technique (NFT), which is a hydroponic technique wherein a very shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channels..


Love this part of the ride and all the PVC creations and ways to plant.


Vertical Farming for Mars!



Anyone hungry for some edible lilys? This is like Willy Wonka!


Love me some sweet potato! Dragon Fruit not so much RAWR.


More NFT. Wish I had this in my backyard.


Just so purty!


The End of the Journey! Watch Scientists do there hoobla moobla on plants! The little guys in the front you can actually purchase in the gift shot! W00t.


Thanks for tagging along for another Chillin Adventure through Disney World. These photos prove why this ride is the best, after a long day at a theme park this is the last thing you expect to find at one.