Raw gluten free pizza from Flakeys (Houston, TX)

So imagine a person who is gluten-free realizing at 1:30AM you can have a gluten-free pizza delivered that’s not Domino’s. Enter Flakeys Pizza food truck, I was pretty excited none the less and I used the Yelp24 hour app to order, deliver and confirm my purchase.

One hour 32 minutes go by and I’m wondering what’s going on when it’s 30 minutes past the confirmed delivery time, I call and speak to a nice gentlemen and he says it’s on the way and I also ask him that they made sure it was gluten-free and told me yes.
So I finally get the pizza and it’s warm, looks excellent from the top and I take it to my room. After the first bite I realized the pizza was only cooked on the slight edges and the rest of the entire pizza is completely raw. It’s now 3 A.M. and I call and he tells me they will deliver another one ASAP I said I’m going to bed refund me tomorrow. I did see that other Yelpers were going through the same ordeal and I should have checked Yelp first. I ate the toppings partially and part of one slice since I was starving, it also destroyed my intestines the next day so I knew then if it was gluten-free it had the most major cross-contamination I’ve ever experienced in my life.

If your gluten-free/food allergies please stay away from this pizza joint, I’ve never had such a reaction to one slice of raw pizza before claiming to be gluten-free. I’ve also never thrown away an entire pizza before.