Excellent Turkish food at Pasha (Houston,TX)

With all these attacks on WordPress sites coming from Turkey I thought I would enhance my Turkish karma and support the local scene. Pasha is an excellent choice for Turk faire in Houston.


Turkish coffee to drink and this stuff will give you that BAM you need

They do not offer a gluten-free menu but the waitress was very informative of what options are gluten-free and the shish ka bobs are, and they are not marinated in soy sauce. The entrance and parking is very small and the inside is decorated sort of like your actually in Turkey, but clean and smells pleasant.

We got an appetizer of hummus which was excellent and some of the best I’ve ever had and I used some lettuce to nom it down since they do not offer gluten-free bread or chips.  For entree got the mixed kabob plate with chicken and beef medium rare. The chicken was okay but the beef is what had all the flavor and stood out to me, especially when you take that perfect bite mixed with pickled lettuce, rice and some hummus.

Dessert was another Turkish coffee and a pistachio rice pudding which was gluten-free and let me tell you excellent! I had it at like midnight and it was so tasty and deliciouso! If your in the area and gluten-free check out Pasha this place is legit.

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Bomb ass chicken and beef bobs