Shaved Taro ribbon-ice at SnowBlock (Houston, TX)

Every now and then I have to take the pain to indulge in something I’ve never had. However, no adverse reactions here due to Snowblock while grubbing the Ribbon Taro ice. I knew the ice part was gluten-free but the high fructose corn syrup (ahh GMOS) is what bothered me.


servant slanging that taro ribbon ice for me



Very bright on the inside, a few dirty tables, a high school aged kid asking what I want? I let him know it’s my first time and the menu looks super confusing and I have no idea what to do. He says well you can get any of this up here and then looks back at me like the lazy employee he is, I go ooooooooh kay I’ll try the taro ribbon ice and a few gummie’s that were circular not sure what they were called. He then proceeded to open a freezer, unwrap the taro, and then place it in a machine that spun it off in the cup which took about 5 minutes for me, oh I imagine if there was line!

Then I paid and I was off with my first ever ribbon ice which I thought was going to taste like a sno-cone. I was wrong! The reason for 4 stars is the fact it actually tastes like ice cream and was excellent. The flavors and the topping mixed together well and surprisingly tasty and I’d love to go back soon for some more.