Gluten Free Experience at CRISP in Houston

Found this place on YELP under Gluten-Free Restaurants within our area, turned out to be some of the best gluten free food yet! Free Valet parking as well! Got right in on a Saturday night, seated, served water and an excellent waitress. The menu is denoted with gluten free items, and one that CRISP needs to change is the Lone Star Beer Chicken, I asked her and she said it’s not it’s cooked with beer (gluten) yet the menu denotes it’s gluten free. I need to email them and ask them why or if they remove it some how which I highly doubt. This could cause some pain for a person!


Otherwise got a bottle of wine which was tasty and reasonably priced and some Truffle Parm Fries for an appetizer which were so damn tasty I want them now. Got the buffalo meat entree which was some of the most melt in your mouth noms I’ve had in such a long time. It was perfectly cooked and had an excellent flavor that went well with the Polenta (which I only had few bites of) but none the less was awesome.If your in Houston and grubbing Gluten-Free go check out CRISP!