Houston Marriot Medical Center Gluten Free

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I’ve stayed here at the Marriot Medical Center for about a week and it’s pretty legit for $127 a night, be sure to ask for a high floor, they have access to the concierge room 23,24, and 25. If you do get a free upgrade you get free breakfast (sometimes). They charged me for breakfast one morning, the hotel is also full of advertisements of what’s coming, what to expect, what the rooms will look like next year, etc, etc and it’s quite annoying because I’m staying here now not next year. Also at 6AM they begin hammering, nailing, loud construction noises and kept me up all morning. However if your in the area and need to stay near downtown Houston check this hotel out, it’s convenient. They also have gluten-free bread! Gluten-Free Approved.

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I still can’t believe it’s 2015 and hotels are still charging for WIFI especially when your a 4 star hotel. It’s free at McDonalds for instant… should tell you something. Also just call and say your having issues and any hookups on wifi and they should happily comp the WiFi charge. It’s super fast in some rooms and excellent connection, if you have multiple devices (grab a travel router) then you only need to connect one device. They also have two different lanes SLOW/FAST which should be illegal due to Net Neutrality laws coming soon, it’s like charging me for hot water, get with the program Marriott seriously.

It is $25/a night.
There is no indication on their site about self-parking because they want you to valet. You just pull past the valet, up into the garage and only pay $11 overnight and you can get your car almost closer than valet (super easy and close).. just park get in elevator your at hotel.

The beds are pretty comfortable, the bathrooms are super small but clean and tidy. I had no hypo-allergenic problem with the sheets, bedding what so ever, thank goodness I didn’t have to use my own sheets! I got room service one night and they do have GLUTEN-FREE bread (It’s not Udi’s) but it is gluten-free. The food quality was excellent and their french fries are the best I’ve ever had.

However this hotel is directly across from the Houston Methodist which is totally legit for doctors/patients/etc and the staff is super friendly, clean rooms, great prices, great bar/restaurant. I’d stay here anytime again.