El Siesta at El Toro (Baytown, TX)

I thought I was pulling in to the White House, and this is where you will find El Toro! Ready to do battle.
El Toros entrance is lined with lights, water fountains, and well groomed trees and shrubs. It is a very cool entrance, as well as when you walk towards the door it looks huge! Soon as your inside you see about 5 staff members ready to help you. We wanted to sit at the bar, they said let me go check, came back and boom table was ready. Our server was very nice, great smile, and friendly, only had to find him one time for a drink refill.

This is the second Mexican restaurant I’ve had in Baytown, the first was Luna’s so I had a challenge to decide which one I was going to like better. My intention was to try the exact same thing and go from there.




I got a couple patron margaritas which were pretty good, no sweet and sour which is perfect. Also ordered a Tortilla Soup for appetizer and low and behold it came out with my meal, eek. Always happens to me, even when I say Appetizer. I asked him about the ribs (gluten sauce eww), and he told me basically not to order them so I was disappointed I couldn’t continue my challenge, so instead I went with Beef Fajitas! The Tortilla soup I dove into first was very authentic, tasty, and tasted just like all the tortilla soups I have had in Corpus Christi, was nothing new to me.


The Beef Fajitas came out sizzling and could have a better presentation, but none the less. My first bite was pure fat and had to spit it out, that happened about three times during my eating of the fajitas. The fajitas were perfectly cooked and seasoned, very tasty, I could eat them everyday. The beans were a little watered down, but almost love them that way, very good as well as the rice and avocado. Was a decent experience and don’t forget to get free ice cream on the way out.