Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill , Northville Michigan

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So what is hott and cool up in Michigan? Cider Mills! These are what you do in the winter, summer, fall, you name it these places have lines out the door at 2PM on a Wednesday! The apple cider is excellent and the donuts are not gluten-free BOOHOO but the fudge hut has some of the best fudge ever. You park, get out, get in line and wait about 20-30 minutes and smell the intense smells of apples, fudge, and cinnamon omg smells excellent. Tell the cashiers what you want and bam good to go.

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Only problem I have with this cider mill is the fact they have literally 0 business sense… the lines, placement and entire business model is pretty bad. I could totally re-arrange this layout, add more flavors or cinnamon, hot cider, pumpkin cider, etc… It’s all super basic and their prices are really cheap.

2015-10-07 16.09.31 (Large)I’m pretty sure I could turn this into a million dollar a year to a ten million dollar a year business, but none the less it’s vintage, old, and a little dated. However the cider is excellent, and the fudge is great. Maybe one day they will have gluten-free donuts. The winery is absolute shit, the room is super small, the bar is in the very back in a corner and impossible to get to and try an order cider from. The bartender was great however. I wish they could expand the size of that bar and bank out some money. But none the less for my first cider mill this place was pretty elite and smelt amazing, don’t swat all the honey bees! Also check out the duck pond in the back. See more to see more photos.

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