Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Novi, Detroit)

2015-10-07 17.10.58 (Medium)

Didn’t expect to find a farmers market near Novi Detroit and turned out to be an awesome store!
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2015-10-07 18.35.35 (Medium)
The gluten-free selection is A+ and had many local bakeries and pies and bread! Gluten-Free Oh My! Fresh Thyme Market was legit and a great way for me to explore the local produce,export,import of this region.

I got some elite dairy raspberry lemonade and fruit juice and mixed it with some vodka was excellent. The parking was easy and the store was fresh, organic, and clean. The staff were also helpful in helping me find the bathroom!


Also how about some 50lb bags of carrots or potatoes? I’ve never seen this in my life. Pretty legit if your a rabbit!