Polar bears, Giraffes oh my at the Detroit Zoo

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I love Zoo’s.
Detroit Zoo is pretty elite.

This Zoo is huge and almost walked 3 miles here and takes about 2 hours to complete, the day we went the lady at the ticket counter was the rudest person I’ve ever encountered. All the restaurants were were closed except the gift shops. It was a Thursday at 2 P.M. Most of the animals and staff were friendly and they were setting up for Halloween which looked to be pretty legit and exciting, wish I could have gone during a Halloween event!
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The pumpkins displayed were awesome and art of there own. The black squirrels are an epic find and saw about 100 them. The parking here is also super easy, just park in the garage in the back and walk about 100 feet and your good to go. The polar bear exhibit was def my favorite and spacious, was super proud the zoo kept this bear happy.



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This Zoo is chillin approved and I’ve been to a lot of different Zoo’s this is def in m top 5. If your in the area or debating to go, hit it up! Prepare for the stink in the Penguins! Also don’t miss the Bush dogs, by far one of the coolest animals I’ve seen in awhile. Click on read more to see all my photos from the Detroit Zoo visit, you will find Polar Bears, Giraffes, Monkeys, Penguins and much more, ahhh zoooooo!

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Thanks for joining me on my Detroit Zoo experience, OH MY.