CC Airport and American Airlines Losing Luggage

airport2 (Medium)

Busy Corpus Christi

This week I will be updating my blog with my journey to Charleston, South Carolina. I left Corpus Christi had a layover in Dallas (where my bags got lost) and finally arrived in Charleston. The adventure shall begin, but wait I don’t have any clothes, noooooooooooo.

Also the TSA at Corpus Christi is a hassle like the million dollar scanners machines must suck that you still had to totally rip apart someones bag in front of 20 other customers, like the sorority girl in front of me. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with you pulling all her bras and panties out of while kids watched. Maybe TSA have a dedicated search station not within the eyes of customers???

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Dallas Airport is beautiful and a flight next to mine was going to Sydney (oyyy mate!) I also like looking at the people and being like ALL THEM AUSSIES THERE MATE. That must be a long ass shitty flight unless your flying first class, eholey! Anyways I get to Charleston and they don’t have my luggage alongside 5 other people and apparently some lazy ass employee just forgot to throw our bags on the plane?? I mean how do you fucking forget a bag that’s there? Finally they found my bag the next day and had it delivered and nothing was stolen thank goodness.The entire Charleston airport is under construction to at the moment, so nothing pretty there.

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Flying over Dallas

Keep Chillin this week for more posts!