King St, Proof, the Macintosh and visiting a Harris Teeter

Day 2 in Charleston, South Carolina

So on my second day in Charleston after day 1 flying in and going to sleep I then bookmarked all the gluten-free restaurants/places I could find to set out on an adventure. First I needed to grab some clothes and shoes and ended up at Tanger Outlets for a wardrobe then found a Sperry store on “King St.”. I had no idea at the time King St. was the happening part of Charleston, located in historic downtown near Charleston College, this place has bars, restaurants, shops, Gucci, and everything you could imagine. If you were to teleport into Hogwarts and go shopping, some of shops here would remind you of that, real old school magical feel. 41bVJ2ocTML._SY395_

Once I got some new legit Sperry gold toe shoes I wanted to find a good bar, so read on below and hit read more to see my reviews and photos of my first day adventure in Charleston. It was raining bad yesterday so I didn’t get much shots of the outside, historic part.

proof4 (Medium)

Near where I parked on King St.

After finding a great parking spot near Sperry I pulled up my Yelp app because I wanted to find a really good cocktail bar and try something new. Proof came up first and realized it was right behind me so I jumped out of my rental and made my way over. Only a few patrons at the bar and two friendly bartenders who helped me right away with a cocktail menu.

proof1 (Medium)

Walking down King St.

The atmosphere is dark, comfortable, yet cozy and almost romantic with sweet lighting and liquor bottles lining the wall. First tried the PGT which I think was Gin, Bitters and Tonic and something else which was really good and had a fizz kick to it. The next cocktail stood out and was by far my favorite..enter “Dark and Stormy” and it was raining and storming so I felt in fit in perfect. Had rum, pineapple and ginger beer and was excellent, the top part was dark and the bottom part was the storm, BAM. I didn’t ask for a gluten-free menu here since they were cocktails and only bar food was boiled peanuts and pimento cheese sandwiches, so not sure on it’s gluten-free status.

If you want proof this place is legit, check my photos of the Dark and Stormy, these dudes casted spells on the drinks and did some weird language in secret and I believe they were magical but not sure, go check it out. They also offered me an excellent recommendation for dining.



Huge Cocktail Menu & Dark n Stormy


Found Mr. Macintosh.. for Dinner.

After the bartender told me where to grub, I found this place.


Found it looking like an apple store (not really) but all the windows were made of glass and it looked really good. It was dim lit and had a half full bar and pulled up a chair. The attentive bartender gave me a menu, cocktail menu, and a food menu.

mac5 (Medium)

Let the games begin.

The menu look delicious but I didn’t wanna barge in with my I’m allergic attitude so I just ordered some Lettuce Wraps and Truffle Frites, accompanied by a Junglebird cocktail which was a concoction of pineapple juice, some aged rum, and I think bitters. This drink gives you a kick and having two of them I was good to go.

mac2 (Medium)

Bomb Ass Lettuce Wraps w/Pork

The lettuce wraps were excellent and the presentation of both dishes was on point. The lettuce was bulb looking and green and washed well, combine the pork, lettuce, some onions it came with, and put a splash of this hot sauce it’s also served with and bite down NOMNOMNOM so darn good. Also if your like me throw in a frite fry in that phenomenal bite and it takes it to the next level.

mac4 (Medium)

My Seat View

mac1 (Medium)

This was fucking truffle frite bombness.

mac3 (Medium)

Let me know how the Cooter Brown is…

Gluten-Free Approved (No Adverse Reactions)

Get the lettuce wraps, junglebird, and truffle frites and you will be happy.


Harris Teeter What?

So I typed in Whole Foods Near Me and the only one in Charleston was about 20 minutes outside of town so instead about 5 “Harris Teeter’s” popped up and was like hmmm with a name like that can’t be good. However a journey to the local grocery store happened late at night and I went exploring the local fare.

The entrance is odd with stairs and a long ramp I’m guessing for the snow or flood waters?? The store itself is pretty packed in, great selection of produce, gluten-free items, and whatever else you may need. They did have a huge meat and cheese selection and I’m guessing since they’re close to New York which is a big thing. A lot of the store items remind me of a Texas grocery store with a lot of the same vendors. They could expand on the gluten-free selection and improve the layout but overall the brick arches and cool quaint feel was pretty legit to venture outside of a corporate industrial HEB complex. Good Ol’ Harris Teeter, until I see you again. Open 24/7 and Self Check Out. HOLLA.


Ballin Ass Harry Tater Son



Check me out later this week for some Chillin day 3 or 4 stuff.