BBQ, Hobbit Holes, Gardens, and a Dungeon!

My day 3 & 4 adventures scouring Charleston, South Carolina

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     So after day 1 getting here, day 2 exploring King St, day 3 & 4 has lead me out to venture a little more and start using my camera as well as YELP app to explore more touristy things. My first day jumping into a coffee shop to grab some coffee to coming out noticing someone hit my tailight on my rental. The one thing that’s scary about Charleston is the narrow streets and mostly parallel parking everywhere, luckily had insurance so who cares right?!!

After a visit to Pepboys and GMC to just see if it’s cheaper to fix it myself was a let down, they wanted $600 for a taillight how bullshit is that. Well nextstop was lunch and I passed a spot called Swig & Swine I saw on Yelp as top rated so I had to pay it a visit.


Swig & Swine, some damn good BBQ.

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Swig & Swine Continued…

Looks like a little college type bar outside but on the instead reminds me of home in Texas and smells like pure nectar of the pig authority. Was around 1PM and found a seat at the bar and the awesome lady bartender handed me a menu and asked me for a drink. I didn’t ask about anything being gluten-free because she told me there wasn’t any marinades in what I was ordering so I was safe.

The menu makes your mouth water looking at it and you want everything but I narrowed it down to pulled pork, pickled vegetables, and some collard greens (something you NEVER seen in Texas as a side). It came out on an old school doctors tray and I was in love already. That first bite of pulled pork was melt in your mouth quality and then I had to find a sauce, this place has like 5 sauces including a white BBQ sauce, yes white. If the white BBQ sauce didn’t excite me enough it was the collard greens that was one of the most tastiest savory things I’ve had in years and was wondering where there at in Texas. The pickled vegetables were also very good and unusual for me and I would probably order an entire jar to eat weekly.

I’m from Texas and there everything is spiced up and burnt, this Swig & Swine has blown my mind and let’s know me Charleston is doing it big in the BBQ scene. I can honestly say it’s better than any BBQ joint I’ve had in Texas in 20 years which is so sad to say.


A drive to Battery Park and White Point Gardens

White Point Gardens is also known to me by the Battery, it’s kind of a garden that is surrounded by a road you drive down at sunset and look at old school million dollar homes. Tourists such as myself can be seen snapping photos, and a bunch of old cannons posted up along the front of garden.


Driving towards the White Point Gardens

After getting some gas I just kept driving and discovered battery park which is the road on the way to White Point Gardens and noted how beautiful the view and drive was, checking out all the cool historical houses as you drive is pretty elite and definitely a must for any Sunday cruise. You can park anywhere around here if you find a spot and it’s close walking distance to a lot of cool historic places.


Check out these photos from Battery Park to White Point Gardens then scroll down further to see my visit to a hobbits home, provost dungeon, and a night time dinner at peninsula grill.

DSC_0044 (Large)

Style of homes down Battery Park

DSC_0063 (Large)

Love the old look.

It is the southern terminus for the Battery, a defensive seawall and promenade.

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Looking out towards Ft. Sumter

DSC_0071 (Large)

5-20 million dollar homes

2015-11-11 17.02.37 (Medium)

Sunset approaching on the corner of WPG


Awww yea



Found this across from the Dungeon, HOBBIT HOLE!!


Walk down into a dungeon of the 1700’s!

I mean when your visiting a new place and on yelp it pops up DUNGEON, who doesn’t go yes let’s go, enter Charleston Exchange & Provost.

Now this place has some history involved and it was $10 bucks to get in and then the actual museum self pretty much sucks, there’s not much to look at it is pretty lame stuff. However if you go downstairs you can take a tour of the dungeon. You need to wait for a guided tour which takes about 20 minutes but it’s worth it and pretty cool to imagine Captn. Jack Sparrow rolling in with a bottle of rum to claim his taxes.

The smell, the bricks, the history and dare I say charm of this place gives you a real feel of Charlestons history. When you docked your boat you had to arrive through this ol place and come in and talk to the gentlemen and pay your fee while you witnessed up to 100 prisoners being kept behind bars. Check the photos I captured of it, to see a full history lesson of the Charleston Provost Dungeon- click here.

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 Day 4 Dinner at Peninsula Grill

This is also my YELP review so feel free just to check out the photos.

My third day in Charleston I wanted to experience some quality food and excellent service, and from I read on Yelp about Peninsula Grill it had both. Made a reservation, arrived on time and walked through the back entrance which is beautiful and leads you through a quaint garden with trees and a water fountain.

Found the hostess and asked to sit outside and bam we teleported outside to a beautiful patio with candle lit white linen tables. After a few minutes an older gentlemen looked at us and said hi would you like some waters and started to walk off again and I told him I’ll take a cocktail/wine menu and he lethargically agreed while he was walking off. I felt as if we were being treated as Charleston College students who weren’t going to tip nor be polite.

Let him know I was gluten free and he had no idea on the menu what was gluten-free but whatever I ordered he would check with the chef… so I couldn’t just pick the entire menu and tell him to go ask the chef, so I was unsure of what I could order in fear of him coming back and it being not gluten free. Anyways they did prepare me some gluten free bread which is some of the best I’ve ever had in my life to accompany the normal dinner bread served. Menu Selections below.

Wine: Chateau Clarke Listric 2009- Excellent wine
Appetizer: Foi Gras- eh, I’ve def had better, real strong game flavors.
Soup: Pumpkin- this was best part of the meal and GF.
Main Course: Seared New York Strip au Poivre- eh,
the New York Strip was some real crappy quality beef, I’m from Texas and I was like you can’t tell me this is what Charleston serves for $40… It was tough, chewy and had no seasoning nor flavor, I should have sent it back thinking about it now.
None the less decided to get a cappuccino which was good then bail out somewhere else for dessert.

2015-11-11 19.36.15 (Large)

Excellent Wine! 2009 Chateau Listrac

2015-11-11 19.50.07 (Large)

Some real shitty foie gras

2015-11-11 20.09.19 (Large)

Soup Trio, nomnomnom

2015-11-11 20.36.17 (Large)

New York Strip, more like Shit York Strip

2015-11-11 20.36.34 (Large)

Forgot what fish Mi Lady ordered


END OF DAY 3 & 4

Thanks for following day 3 & 4, check back tomorrow for day 5 & 6.