Moon-pie, Grilled Cheese, and Charleston’s Museum Fun

My day 5 & 6 Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina

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Woke up day 5 and knowing someone in my family loves Moon-pies I adventured down town to the market to hit up one of the official Moon-pie stores. I adventured in the area and that day for breakfast just grabbed breakfast at home and then ended up that night finding a spot called Cory’s Grilled Cheese. Day 5 was a pretty slow day, so day 6 has a lot more adventuring with the museum.

They have a variety of moon pie merchandise as well as a soda ice cream shop in the back, also you can pose with a huge moon pie. I still hate moon-pie for not having a gluten free option, make a gluten-free moon pie!



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Gentlemen at a bar told me if I loved sandwiches there was a place that served grilled cheese sandwiches and many different varieties. Now I’ve heard of Tom+Chee and what not but being within 5 miles of this place I had to go. Took about 10 minutes from downtown Charleston and arrived in the back of a shopping center to an empty Cory’s Grilled Cheese… why was it empty I have NO CLUE!?!

Hit read more to check out my photos and review of Cory’s.

However I proceeded after having a couple cocktails downtown to get carried away and order 2 grilled cheese sandwiches with avocado, bacon, mayo, magical dust, fried egg and two grilled cheese burgers (to-go) all served on Udi’s gluten free toast. This is close to Heaven as you get for a gluten free fat kid let me tell you. The manager sat down and talked with us, discussed how they prep for gluten free and how well they are usually doing.

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Gluten-Free Bread

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Huge Menu of Sandwiches

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Egg, Avocado, Nomnoms….

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This is a model.

If you are hungry, had a few drinks, or love grilled cheese get over there now and visit Cory’s. It is seriously NOMBOMBOMNOMNBOMBNOM


Day 6: Lunch at 5 Loaves

Started off my day 6 adventure to a gluten-free eatery within walking distance of my AirBnB to Five Loaves cafe. Parking here is impossible, I didn’t know where people would park?!

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Five stars for serving Gluten-Free Bread and having a menu that has all items noted with allergy restrictions. You walk in, sit somewhere and a lady runs up and hooks you up with water and takes care of you. I came in for brunch and got an iced coffee and a roast beef sandwich, forgot actually what it had on it but it was very tasty/messy and served it’s purpose. If I lived in the area I would come here everyday. The service, food, quality, and menu choices are superb.


A visit to the second oldest museum in the USA.


The Charleston Museum is the second oldest museum in the United States; it was founded in 1773 and opened to the public in 1824. The museum’s present building was completed in 1980 at 360 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina.

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It’s a pretty nice museum with $12 entry fee for adults and supposedly the oldest museum in North America.

Go upstairs, go downstairs and see a lot of history! The bird exhibit is pretty cool. Also bricks from different era’s and places are real sweet.
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They have an original exhibit from the 1800’s that has all the old stuff from around the world and original specimen still in the dark rum it was delivered in in the 1800’s!

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They didn’t have anything to eat or snack on here so eat first. A lot of the items they have on display are “reproductions” which I don’t spent 1 second looking at.. I want to see REAL artifacts but the museum does also have a lot of those, and history of South Carolina.

2015-11-13 15.32.04 (Large) 2015-11-13 15.27.54 (Large) 2015-11-13 15.47.26 (Large)
Took me about an hour, go check it out.


Tasting Menu at McCrady’s

Gluten Free Review
+Tasting Menu was made gluten-free and was AWESOME.
+Knowledgeable staff about allergies

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Lady & I tried to get reservations at Husk last minute but with them being booked the hostess offered us another one of “Sean Brock”s restaurants which is McCrady’s. Charleston’s famous chef did not let us down at this restaurant. Got right in with no reservations, and parked about a mile away (ha!) .

You walk down an old cobblestone walk way which is the most epic thing ever, and you arrive at the candle lit McCrady’s which is super cool restaurant/bat and very historic feel to it. Which I later found out George Washington has visited here before, before it was McCrady’s however.



I let them know I was gluten-free and if the tasting menu could be accommodated and she told me yes totally and I said bam two tasting menus. I’m not going into detail about this meal because it is almost a secret I want to keep but let me tell you it’s the most amazing, tasty, delicious experience of all of Charleston. Had about 9 dishes of pure bliss, and even on one of the last dishes there was wheat crumbles on something and a waiter noticed it and grabbed it instantly and took it back, like wow…. nobody else in this world would provide that kind of quality service.

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Beautiful Historic Interior

If your thinking about going, this was the best meal of my entire Charleston adventure and it was so damn good. Check out the photos below of the entire tasting menu. Here is the menu to follow along if you wish. 


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These were like cheese somethings NOM

2015-11-13 21.59.34 (Large) 2015-11-13 22.05.05 (Large) 2015-11-13 22.19.50 (Large) 2015-11-13 22.32.20 (Large) 2015-11-13 22.45.41 (Large) 2015-11-13 22.55.20 (Large) 2015-11-13 23.07.16 (Large) 2015-11-13 23.15.38 (Large)

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This was leaving where I parked, Thanks for following day 5 & 6, check back for my final days of adventuring in Charleston.