Aquarium, Liberty Square, and 167 Raw

Day 7 in Charleston, South Carolina

We start off by going to the Aquarium since every city I visit I must visit a zoo or an aquarium to check on the animals and tell them whats up, they all wait for me too and give me a great photo opportunity.

Let’s go to the Charleston Aquarium!

DSC_0179 (Large)

You walk into Liberty Square which has Ft. Sumter Boat & Aquarium

DSC_0184 (Large)

Beautiful Architecture of the Entrance

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Might take a minute to load, these are some of my favorite shots from the aquarium, then keep reading to see my visit to a couple restaurants and a visit to Waterfront Park.

Charleston Aquarium

Looking out on to the grounds next to the Aquarium

DSC_0192 (Large)

You can see a USS Warship, forgot the name from the Aquarium.

charleston aquarium

hes like nomonomonm

DSC_0210 (Large)

He can def join the turtle club

DSC_0211 (Large)

I need one of these tanks in my life

DSC_0216 (Large)


free the eagle


DSC_0226 (Large)

Hungry for seafood?

DSC_0241 (Large)

this little specimen

DSC_0242 (Large)

Coastal Plains your favorite?


DSC_0243 (Large)

imagine “steve irwins voice”

DSC_0247 (Large)

Whys he gotta be white Charleston?

DSC_0250 (Large)

Want to duplicate this

DSC_0251 (Large)

Find Waldo?!

DSC_0253 (Large)

Crikey Mate!

DSC_0254 (Large)

Can I get some bugz pls?

DSC_0267 (Large)

Aquatic Space Invaders

DSC_0290 (Large)

This looks like back of a T-shirt.

DSC_0296 (Large)

This boat takes you to Ft. Sumter

DSC_0303 (Large)


DSC_0307 (Large)

I escaped my cage, back the fuck up!

DSC_0309 (Large)

Ft. Sumter in the Distance

DSC_0325 (Large)

Beautiful day at the Aquarium, time for Seafood! Mm.


167 Raw

So after visiting the ocean and aquarium and seeing all these fish I got pretty hungry for some seafood, so sure enough we found the top rated Yelp seafood called 167 Raw which happens to be visited weekly by Danny McBride and Bill Murray so were told.


See full review below.

Walked in and noticed it was the smallest restaurant/former fish market I’ve ever seen and with about 5 bartenders helping you out and taking your order everything goes smooth. Pulled up a seat at the bar and bam ordered some Shrimp with Crab, Ceviche, Two Oysters, Pork Carnita and a Lobster Roll (I know it wasn’t for me not being gluten-free).

I confirmed with multiple employees that the Ceviche, Shrimp Cocktail, Pork Carnitas, Crab, and Oysters are all gluten free with no soy marinades or hidden fried ingredients. The cider beer that is enough for two is also gluten-free and an excellent choice served in wine glasses to accompany the dishes. Both chips they serve are NOT gluten-free but hopefully they will get some potato chips or gluten-free bread which wold be elite.

This is excellent seafood and tastes pure, fresh, and as if you were being served it at the White House. The Shrimp comes with melted butter and red sauce which is so tasty and the shrimp are huge! For the quality of seafood here the price is on point and the service matches up to it. Don’t skimp on the Pork Carnitas, some of the best I’ve ever had.


Now hit up my last day in Charleston that entails a visit to Waterfront Park, lunch at Market Pavilion Hotel, and dinner at a badass BBQ joint.