Last day in Charleston, South Carolina

Day 8 in Charleston, my last day!

So this is the last travel blog post of my adventures in Charleston, after a week it has come to a close and been an ultimate adventure, I call it the New York of the South.

If you haven’t read past updates I’ve posted just about everyday I was there and what I did that day and all my adventures inside each post so go back and check them out if your thinking about visiting or bored and chillin. The last day I explored Waterfront park, the Market Pavilion hotel that Anthony Bourdain once visited and randomly exploring the city streets. I also had lunch at the Market Pavilion and dinner at Melvins BBQ NOM.

Last Day

Market Pavilion Hotel Lunch

The market pavilion hotel is cool but not worth the $600 night cool, it’s kind of dated with an old school look and vintage feel since it is old. However the food was all basically Sysco frozen crap you can buy anywhere in the US and the pool and upstairs deck was probably the coolest part. However the plastic windows blocking the view so birds or people don’t jump is absolute shit, way to ruin one of the best views in the city. They also have no gluten-free bread!

Click read more to see some great photos of Waterfront Park and Melvins BBQ.


Here are some photos of random buildings, things, graveyards, throughout the city I explored on the last day. This city is really ornate at sunset and comes alive for a photo point of view.

DSC_0331 (Large)

Super sweet walkway.. I mean how old is this?!?!

DSC_0334 (Large)

New buildings I think with old ass streets

DSC_0359 (Large)


DSC_0339 (Large)

Nice view eh?

DSC_0349 (Large)


DSC_0354 (Large)

Pineapple Fountain! Legit.

DSC_0370 (Large)

This how you arrive in style in Charleston

DSC_0371 (Large)

I’d take this as a home.

DSC_0390 (Large)

Randomly old buildings

DSC_0399 (Large)

You see a ton of these around downtown.

DSC_0401 (Large)

Seen its fair share of cash.

DSC_0407 (Large)

Sweet horse made out of clockwork parts in a coffee shop.

2015-11-15 16.35.42 (Large)

the only ghost here is the Holy Ghost

2015-11-15 16.36.39 (Large)


2015-11-15 16.36.50 (Large)


2015-11-15 16.37.45 (Large)

Surrender the booty before entry.

2015-11-15 17.12.03 (Large)

Just lovely lol.

DSC_0408 (Large)

Tried to get a good shot

DSC_0413 (Large)

This is sweet.

DSC_0414 (Large)

Getting dark!

DSC_0416 (Large)

Favorite shot, thought I got sucked back in time walking down here.


Dinner at Melvins BBQ

I’m from Texas and this BBQ is a WIN.
Gluten-Free Marinades

BeFunky Collage

Get the ribs, the chicken, the pulled pork, some sauce, and you are good to go. This is melt in your mouth BBQ, it’s almost on point with Swig & Swine I’d have to say they are both equal in quality and taste just depends on style of BBQ your into.

If your hungry, this place has a drive through, or go in for their legit staff who’s attitude is great and ready to serve you some damn good BBQ. The interior of this place is also awesome, kind of like I’m at the ranch house just chillin.


Hope you enjoyed my week in Charleston, South Carolina. If so please leave a comment or so and let me know what you thought, tune in next week for a cross country adventure. I’ll be traveling to a variety of places on the east coast. -Chillin Out.