Voyage to New York City and a stay at the Quin

Stop 3: New York City

So knocked out Rochester, MN, Hershey, PA, and now onto New York City. Instead of paying $1000 for flights an hour away from Harrisburg, PA we opted to rent a car and drive into La Guardia airport and Uber into Upper East Side Manhattan. I used the app “Hotel Tonight” to find a good rate on a 5 star hotel which happened to be one of the best hotel stays I’ve ever experienced. But first, the drive to NYC and a few pictures of the Pennsylvania country side and a quick stop in the German town of Hamburg, PA.


Good Ol’ Pennsylvania Country Side

Check out some Hamburgness.


Scenic views eh


Hamburg PA stop, no Hamburgers here ha.


German this, German that

1_0683 (Large)

Getting closer to New Jersey

2015-12-04 14.57.32 (Large)

Rental Car Return DONE at La Guardia


Uber Pool, Uber X, Uber Black, Uber Black SUV ??! Had to walk through terminal for pickup


New York City

Uber Blacked It into New York City, cost about $130 but was a brand new burban. Here is some of the first shots I got while riding through. We took the Lincoln tunnel which passed over the Jersey/NYC line.


First shots driving into NYC


2015-12-04 16.13.49 (Large)

Cool diner we drove past

The Quin Hotel (5 Star)

Have you ever seen Home Alone where he goes into a 5 star hotel and opens up cabinets filled with candy and goods and booze? Well this is probably one of the best hotel stays of my life and for an unbeatable price.

1_0706 (Large)

Welcome to the Quin!

Got a free upgrade to Junior Suite for only $249 for the night, the front desk was the most professional hotel employee I’ve ever met. The lobby is beautiful and decorated with custom art, Christmas trees and they had free champagne to taste before you went up to your room.

1_0704 (Large)


Stayed on a floor that had art work outside the elevator. The decorations in the hallway was beautiful and our room even had a video door bell. The room smelt clean, fresh, and was very spacious for a 5 star hotel in New York City. I’ll go quick since I could spend all day talking about this room. The bathroom was epic with a nightlight built into the mirror, the bed was Sferra and the most comfortable bed/sheets I’ve ever slept in. The blinds, mirrors, lights, can all be controlled bedside with the push of a button. We had a 50″ flat screen TV, Nespresso machine that made some damn good espresso and the cabinets filled with candy, candy button, jars full of different nuts, as well as a booze filled fridge.
the quin new york

For the price and location of this hotel this is truly 5 star, right in the middle of the action, near Central Park, quick walk to Rockefeller Plaza and more. I forgot my iPad in the room and they even shipped it right back to my house! Anytime I’m in NYC I will be sure to stay at the Quin. Also Free Wifi!


A night in New York City

I’ll just post photos of our journey in New York City for one night. We ended up taking a uber, a russian bike taxi, a journey to Rockefeller Plaza and ended up in Times Square. Hitting up Toys R’ Us, Sanrio, Hard Rock Restaurant, and many other spots.

1_0709 (Large)

Right outside our hotel soon as we got into an Uber

1_0722 (Large)

I love the NYC Irish Bars

1_0738 (Large)

Walking towards Times Square, got dropped off pretty close

1_0745 (Large)


1_0762 (Large)

Welcome to TS, a lot of people but fast flowing energy

1_0763 (Large)

Falfal? Halal?

1_0764 (Large)

Love me some Mickey Mouse

1_0768 (Large)

Slangin them hats all day erryday son

1_0774 (Large)

Bears that were once carried on the Titanic

1_0775 (Large)

Toys R’ Us at 1AM!

New York City

Need Energy at Toys R Us? Duff Energy Drink!

New York City

Take a Ferris Wheel

New York City

Welcome to Jurassic Park

New York City

*theme music playing*

New York City

These assault rifle cops don’t play around.

New York City

Sad Scene of Characters

New York City

haha this guy was to legit to quit

New York City

Waiting at the Hard Rock

New York City

Walking through TS just eye candy

New York City

Purty Horse

New York City

Saw this show years ago, missed it.

1_0844 (Large)

Tried to goto Hersheys (but it was closed) wanted to see how it compared

New York City

Didn’t Tube it this time..

New York City

Walking I think towards Rock Plaza

New York City

It wasn’t open yet BOOOOO

New York City

This place was epic, such good food.

New York City

Getting lost…. through Christmas Trees

New York City

This was graceful, angelic, and amazing all at once.

New York City

Rockefeller Plaza LEGO store, hell ya!

New York City

a one Table restaurant we ate at quickly lol, small choices no gluten-free options

New York City

SLAM Packed Skating Ring

New York City

So bootyfull, all lit up and raging at midnight

New York City

the World Famous……..

  The next day…

New York City

Saw some cool stuff on the way to Airport

New York City

This photo pretty much sums up New York City

New York City

Quick stop at Tony Roma’s at Airport before our flight with racist service


Well thanks for checking out my NYC journey now let’s fly to Cleveland, Ohio!