Let’s explore Cleveland, the Zoo, Rock and Roll, and more

Stop 4: Cleveland, Ohio

Next journey has arrived us in Cleveland Ohio with a visit to the Zoo, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Intercontinental Hotel, and a trip to the best Toy store I’ve ever seen.


Touchdown in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer for a week visit and there are lots of things to do and explore. Especially the vegan/gluten free scene. I’ll be updating this week with my latest journey’s to Dallas, Disney World, and then next week I’m flying out to California! So check out this post about all my adventures and findings in Cleveland, Ohio which was cold but a real shitty town. Lot’s of Ghetto-Ness.

First night we got to our pretty cool hotel the Intercontinental which was a huge 2 bedroom hotel with a super comfortable bed and then we Yelp’d a local restaurant real close that had a gluten-free menu. “Table 45” which is at another Intercontinental hotel, so we took a free shuttle on over to see what Cleveland food had to offer. But first check out my bed and see where I got some hard sleep and amazing ZzZzz.



Intercontinental Hotel Suites Bed, ZzzZZzzZ

Okay WAKE UP, let’s go have dinner at Table 45, but first hit Read More.

First night in Cleveland: Dinner at Table 45

Found this joint on Yelp and took a shuttle from our hotel to this place which is located inside another Intercontinental hotel. This restaurant and bar is decorated very cool, and has like a shoot a music video inside of here feel to it, none the less first impressions of a Cleveland restaurant were legit. Real sleek and elegant and good views, the bar is pretty large itself. The bartender however lacks basic drink mixing skills, 3 cocktails he made completely sucked.


Appetizer: Pork Wraps, these were pretty decent, tasty, and gluten free.
Appetizer 2: Lady got the naan bread appetizer and liked it. (not gluten free)
Main Course: Burgundy Braised Short Ribs (GF)
Dessert: Creme Brulee
If your in the hotel’s around here and looking for a decent bite to eat with a slight touch of class, or eating gluten free/vegan this place will satisfy.

Day 2 in Cleveland: Lunch at Tommy’s Restaurant

Who would have thought Cleveland has an entire hippy district with nothing but hipsters, gluten free, vegans, toy stores and what not. Totally reminds me of Austin, Texas type atmosphere so felt pretty much at home, the only problem with Tommy’s is signage.. we drive by three times looking for Tommy’s thinking it was out of business but finally found people walking into a building with no sign.


Had to find a parking spot then walk down the street to Tommy’s.

We were quickly seated, and given gluten free menus by our totally vegan waitress with that natural energy of a snail. However for appetizers we got like a toasted cheese sandwich which was the best thing I’ve ever eaten gluten-free, like BAM. Also got a gluten-free french onion soup which is probably the BEST french onion soup I’ve ever had as well, like damn Tommy’s is doing it right in Cleveland.. I could get use to this.


Tommy’s in Cleveland, so damn good.

We ordered to much food and I forgot what I got for main course but was a sandwich with bacon, cheese, turkey, and something else and called something famous, I’ll try to find it. Also got a side of french fries which were toasted so darn good. Tommy’s is a hypo-allergic friendly LEGIT gluten-free/vegan restaurant and I’d advise anyone to try this place it’s friendly homey atmosphere is epic.

Right next door to Tommy’s is the most epic Harry Potter feeling toy store you will have ever seen in your life, it has that Home Alone toy store feel to it. Nothing is new here, all vintage and old school retro toys, If this were in Corpus I’d be broke since I’d come back and buy everything. We couldn’t get a lot since traveling would probably damage it.

2015-12-07 14.23.10 (Large)

BIG FUN Toy Store


Toy setups like TV commercials, EPIC


007, Star Wars, you name it they have it!


So much stuff, so little space


Trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Cool building of downtown Cleveland, Ohio

We thought this would be a cool place to come since you know, it has international acclaim and by all means it’s the rock and roll hall of fame, however for $70 for two of us this place sucked pretty much. The outside is cool, the architecture is real neat, but the place is confusing when you see Beyonce in here but not Britney Spears, then we asked and they told us Beyonce donated money so that’s why shes there. Like WTF Beyonce? in the rock and roll hall of fame? Cmon now…Check out the photos below.

I guess since I hate rock and roll this won’t come as a surprise but yeah I’d rather go walk down a beach then to ever come back here, it was cool to see guitars and all the history and memorabilia of artists and Lady Gagas meat suit. Also being so close to Katy Perry’s lollipop spinney suit was the highlight of the trip.

I just thought this museum would offer more “Rock & Roll” type stuff, it’s mostly 40’s through the 90’s Rock and Roll stuff, I think if they added a section of new stuff it would make it a lot more popular, and for being the price it is to get in it’s almost ridiculous. You add these millionaires to this museum, at least let there rich asses cover the cost of entry.. So if you go, maybe just check out my photos and sit in the lobby because it’ll save you a lot of wasted time. But if you love classic rock you will probably love this place.

Cleveland Zoo Time 2_0104 (Large)

Ok so I’ve been to like 10 Zoo’s in the past year and let me say Cleveland Metroparks Zoo takes the cake and wins this round. It’s huge! It was cold the day we went but so perfect for a walk about, a tram ride, trip to the gum-leaf hideout with one legit koala, and a visit to the deadliest snake in the world’s cave.


Buy your tickets first, doh!


then Enter this beautiful Zoo! It was cold bur.

The food court is EPIC and also has GLUTEN-FREE BREAD!

2_0134 (Large)

Only Gluten Free Zoo I’ve seen

2_0136 (Large)

best Zoo food I’ve ever had.

I’ll just post photos of what I really encountered here but this is an ALL-DAY ZOO which really takes 3-5 hours to complete if you move at a chill pace and be sure to scope everything out. The only letdown was how some of the animals were kept like the cats and the snow leopard it was pacing in circles and looked real sick =( Poor Kitty! Let it run Cleveland, let it RUN! Heres most of my photos I took check them out!

Besides some of the Animal’s cages being way to small for these critters, the Cleveland Zoo is awesome, and was fun to see a large variety of species, animals, and be sure to bring your walking shoes because this Zoo is way large. Go check this Zoo out!


Dinner at Washington Place Bistro & Inn

Had about an hour to kill while I waited on the lady so I decided to pop up Yelp as usual and locate a good grub spot that also had a bar and bam found Washington Place Bistro.

I drove by and it looked cool and had a sweet feel to the outside with lighting and free valet parking so that worked out perfectly. Walked in and pulled up a seat at the bar, the bartender was real cool, and told him I’m not from around here and he took care of me with a menu and what I should get. Also told him about Gluten Allergies and he was well compsoed in his knowledge of the menu so I chose the chicken with risotto which was amazing, tasty, rich, and the chicken was moist and perfect compliments to the risotto.


For drinks I first got the whiskey flight which showcased different whiskeys and it came with a dish of 4 different compliments to each whiskey which was pretty elite if you ask me. They were mouth wash strong but tasty, had to switch it up so I got a Moscow mule which was perfectly balanced and had great ginger beer. Great service, great food, I’d come back for the chicken dish alone.


Well that concludes my trip to Cleveland, Ohio, flying out to Dallas tomorrow so be sure to go read that post now! Here are some photos of driving to the airport.




on the way to Dallas! beautiful clouds

see you next adventure…