Breakfast at Boma and a Swanderful Wedding

Had a family member get married at Disney World and it was at the Swan & Dolphin hotel so we spent a day exploring the hotel scene and then we had a dinner reception at Todd English Blue Zoo so check out this post for some sweet photos of Disney Hotels. But first let’s drive on property and have a feast at Boma.. which they totally hook me up with gluten free mickey mouse waffles which is legit.


Welcome home!


Gluten-Free Waffles, Gluten-Free Donuts, and Jungle Juice

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Exploring Animal Kingdom Lodge Photos


DSC_0287 (Large)

an African Christmas Tree? Not sue, welcome to Animal Kingdom Lodge!

DSC_0288 (Large)

Love the interior deco in this place

DSC_0292 (Large)

Real artifacts from the Savannah


*goes into story book mode*


Whats up bish? U wan see my stic

DSC_0313 (Large)

Huge Christmas tree on the inside


I need a house like this, this is epic.


Cool lights

DSC_0334 (Large)

Let’s see if we can spot some wildlife out the lobby window


Giraffes to wake up to? I think so.


Let’s go to the Swan & Dolphin Hotel


DSC_0363 (Large)

Take a right and watch out this place is under construction on the roads.

DSC_0369 (Large)

Another candy cane entrance….


Oooh I found the Swans

DSC_0378 (Large)

artsy fartsy shit you know, I need a floating trash bag


red rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


that private beach though

DSC_0641 (Large)

great for photography

checked the time on my Ravenclaw watch, let's have a wedding!

checked the time on my Ravenclaw watch, let’s have a wedding!


pre game via water via rdy for beach via roses


Wedding is over, was beautiful, sorry no real photos =(


This guy was swimming laps with ducks.


Dinner at Todd English’s Blue Zoo

Located inside the Dolphin hotel which is a short walk from the swan. The food was excellent, service was great, and setting was beautiful. The interior had cool glass balls coming down with a ornate lizard made out of sugar crystal and the bar was a place I’d enjoy a few drinks at for sure. If your thinking about grubbing while here this is a great restaurant with quality service. The bathrooms are equally nice with cloths to dry your hands.

DSC_0674 (Large)

Some cool mystical lights approaching this Blue Zoo


Let’s find out!


the Zoo bartender had a legit setup


Had some delicious grub on our session here


Epcot Wedding Cake, Gluten-Free Cupcakes and a great view


Walking back to the Dolphin to clean up and head to DD.


Cool night shots and great lighting


the Aftermath


Moscow Mules, Rumchata, and some Redbull worked perfectly


Love this part of Lego Downtown Disney


Kind of a busy night!


Until next time World of Disney, wonderful day…


That concludes this Wedding entry for today, check out the next post where we go to the Magic Kingdom!