Crystal Palace and a Magical Kingdom Day

Who doesn’t love the Crystal Palace? I mean.. meeting Poo, Tigger? and grubbing down on of the best buffet in the world at the Magic Kingdom, check out my photos of this magical day. Some adventures surely entailed this day and I was stoked to hit up the new Fantasyland since I haven’t been before.


First let’s enter the Magic Kingdom through these magical gates.


that famous walk way after you park!


Let’s take that famous Tram Ride of Illusions

DSC_0017 (Large) DSC_0025 (Large) DSC_0032 (Large) DSC_0035 (Large) DSC_0039 (Large) DSC_0057 (Large)


Lunch at the Crystal Palace

Now what better way to start your day at Magic Kingdom then a visit to the Crystal Palace. I always thought this place was cool looking and I’ve never been before and apparently you need reservations 6 months in advance. This restaurant is buffet style with many gluten-free options to chose from.


Welcome to the Crystal Palace!


Walking in and looking up


Poo is ready to hook you up with honey

For Gluten-Free patrons as usual Disney style the chef comes out and tells you what you can grub on the buffet and then the lady sits you down at your table. We sat towards the back and had no idea this was a character buffet but all the characters of Disney come around and take photos with your table and say hi in a circle. Then the kids can join in a conga line with Poo or Tigger.


This is a feast of chronic goodness….


Get in the conga line with POOOOOOOO

The food quality is epic, a lot better than I expected and this food is tasty. From the proteins to the vegetables to the desserts this place is GOOD. I love the food here and would eat it everyday if given the option, the restrooms are close and the service is great. If your thinking about doing this DO IT even if you don’t have kids the food quality is excellent.

2015-12-16 12.33.26 (Large)

What you see when you exit TCP


Let’s hit up Adventure Land

It sucked Pirates of the Caribbean ride was down all day, like literally one of the only rides I wanted to do! ARRGH!

DSC_0092 (Large)

So yea wasn’t about to walk 10 miles around this bullshit at Noon

DSC_0093 (Large)


DSC_0099 (Large)

This shit didn’t even work, ghetto rigged swiss

DSC_0103 (Large)

Where did they go?

DSC_0119 (Large)


DSC_0121 (Large)

The Extra Loud Speaker is added effect

DSC_0128 (Large)

Ducks get back to work!

DSC_0130 (Large)

Wish I could enjoy the sounds of this, COMING AROUND THE CORNER

DSC_0132 (Large)


DSC_0138 (Large)

These looked fake… thought they were real as a kid.

Sweatfest at Tom Sawyer Island

2015-12-16 14.06.17 (Large)

Took a ride to Tom Sawyers Island

DSC_0139 (Large)

about to jack this fool tom

DSC_0145 (Large)

these damn muggles, trying to find tom damnit

DSC_0148 (Large)

toms moderm wind mill n shit

DSC_0166 (Large)

shit was crooked as fuck almost ate shit but fun


Headed back to the mainland.


Splash Mountain! Top 5 Rides at Disney World


SlowPass FastPass my ass

DSC_0191 (Large)

Dragon Parade! Run! Ahh!


Hafta say this thing was badass and pretty epic.

DSC_0201 (Large)

Think this is the new start of Fantasyland?

DSC_0203 (Large)

Dunno looked cool

DSC_0207 (Large)

Fastpass to Peter Pans flight which is epic.

DSC_0208 (Large)

First fastpass to haunted mansion, yes this was the FASTPASS LINE WTF!!

DSC_0212 (Large)

You can look these people up on google


Throw your change in!

DSC_0222 (Large)

“it’s a small world after all”

DSC_0226 (Large)

“it’s a small world after all”

DSC_0230 (Large)

“it’s a small world after all” want to buy one of these guys

DSC_0247 (Large)

“it’s a small world after all”

2015-12-16 16.48.43 (Large)

peaceful fountain


Getting hungry now!


Early dinner at the Launch Bay (Tomorrowland)

Got hungry later in the evening and decided to hit up the launch bay which had some sweet interior and food like chicken, burgers, strips, etc…. it was pretty damn good especially when your starving.


Bay 3 had them burgers yo! xenon!


Hustle and Bustle


Wanted a sippy cup damnit

DSC_0268 (Large)



There it is, was purty good too, but for burgers you know…


incase you forget, Jesus Loves You!

Visit to the new Fantasyland and Gastons

Had to check out the new Fantasyland and also Gastons which has a play on Butterbeer I guess they felt the competition and had to step up, but I’d have to say Butterbeer win’s hands down.

DSC_0280 (Large)

This place is pretty awesome, and the lighting too.

DSC_0285 (Large)

Beautiful fountain at nighttime you get transported back in time.

DSC_0290 (Large)

There own version of butterbeer, eh.

DSC_0298 (Large)


DSC_0299 (Large)

Shit not gluten free yo.

DSC_0300 (Large)

What you order?

DSC_0303 (Large)

Inside lodge

DSC_0304 (Large)

Hes stuck up for sure.

DSC_0306 (Large)


2015-12-16 17.56.21 (Large)

Entrance to Be Our Guest Restaurant (only place at MK that sells alcohol)


Little Mermaid Ride, it was decent, eh. UNDER THE SEA

Let’s go to the new Storybrook Circus


New Circus!


None are gluten-free which is bullshit.

DSC_0344 (Large)

not gluten-free bullshit

2015-12-16 18.58.43 (Large)

my favorite ride lol and gluten free

2015-12-16 19.32.45 (Large)

who doesn’t love the go-karts?!?!

2015-12-16 19.37.08 (Large)

vrooooooom vrooooooom


Love this ride, check out the Frozen castle

DSC_0359 (Large)

1964 Worlds Faire ride, thats what I’m talking about


Need some ears?

DSC_0377 (Large)

Let’s get ready for some WORKS

2015-12-16 20.15.02 (Large)

first dance party


the end to a magical day!


Thanks for following my adventurous day at the Magic Kingdom, check out the next post which is EPCOT!