Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT)

Let’ go to EPCOT! After a few days now in Florida the feet start to hurt and me wanting to go to my favorite theme park in the world EPCOT is now here, I’m pumped as fuck for this adventure and I absolutely love traveling the world all in an afternoon. Let’s get to the DOME!


Looks like it’s going to be a busy day.

Onwards to this journey of Epcot, “The Land”, Germany, China, Japan, who knows?!

Let’s get inside EPCOT!


First say hi to Memo n Mitch

DSC_0432 (Large)

and little foo foo kottontail

After we got in we had dinner reservations at Beirtgarden German restaurant in Germany so all we had time to do was go hit up the “Land” ride and scope it out and do the best part, the RIDE!?!


Not going into detail on this ride since I already did one in last years post about the land! It’s still my favorite ride in all of Disney World.


I need a garden where I can drive through it like this grr.


They had Christmas decorations everywhere, loved it! until next time..

Let’s go to Germany via Ferry!


Never took the ferry before, but it goes straight to Germany, perfect for our reservations.


He had a few jokes to spare


We have arrived!

DSC_0545 (Large)

Love this castle architecture one of my favorite pavilions

DSC_0549 (Large)

Decked out for Christmas

DSC_0550 (Large)

What you could get in a short line (not the restaurant) I did a couple Honey + Bourbon shot which was good.

DSC_0553 (Large)

Quick stop while waiting for our table to grab some booze


Table is ready, Enter Biertgarden!

DSC_0575 (Large)

deco on the inside was straight legit

DSC_0578 (Large)

could listen to some polka jamming out while grubbin!


Poor puppets probably can’t feel there fingers anymore


Need to make my house look like this

gluten free

There it is, my feast. Gluten-Free Goodness

Until next time Germany! Onward to Italy.

Until next time Germany! Onward to Italy.

Quick stop in Italy for some Italian Coffee


After hearing about this place from a friend I had to stop by and check it out, the coffee and mixed drinks were excellent.


Let’s hit up Japan!

I’ll just add a quick gallery since I have a lot of images from Japan, but check out their store, the garden, and a cool museum dedicated to Japanese culture and a typical teenagers bedroom.


Now to Morocco (their espresso is STRONG)


DSC_0681 (Large)

2015-12-17 17.13.20 (Large)

a decent jasmine eh…

DSC_0685 (Large) DSC_0688 (Large) DSC_0691 (Large)

Some Random Shots Through UK

DSC_0700 (Large)

Found Irish Santa!

DSC_0702 (Large)


DSC_0709 (Large)

Wish this turned out more Clear

DSC_0710 (Large)

Oooh yea.

DSC_0713 (Large)

Merry Christmas!


Night visions….


DSC_0719 (Large)

Beautiful Views Upwards of this Mayan Temple

DSC_0720 (Large)

Inside is so dope!

DSC_0735 (Large)

finally got into the Tequila Bar!

DSC_0738 (Large)

Sangrita Shots! Tequila with Tomato Juice + Olive

DSC_0740 (Large)

and finished…

DSC_0741 (Large)

So much Tequila

DSC_0746 (Large)

Bam Avocado Margaritas, they were decent…

DSC_0747 (Large)

They have been here for years doing carvings…

China at night?

DSC_0751 (Large)

Temple Temple Temple

DSC_0752 (Large)


Let’s exit EPCOT but first a ride on Spaceship Earth!

DSC_0762 (Large) DSC_0796 (Large) DSC_0812 (Large)

DSC_0829 (Large)

Swag take away from EPCOT UNTIL NEXT TIME.

Thanks for my EPCOT journey hope you enjoyed it and tune in tomorrow for a half day trip to Hollywood Studios.