Adventure in Sacramento, California and a visit to Pushkins

So on my next journey to the West Coast and then all the way to the East Coast again we start off in Sacramento, California. A pretty cool town that smells like marijuana and hipsters, it rained and was cold the time we were there but was a cool city. We went to a sweet ass spot called Pushkins that was an entire gluten-free bakery and so damn tasty. Our abode was the Westin Sacramento which was comfortable and on a cool lake that had great views, check out my photos.


Looks like wine country… only 1 hour away from Napa Valley!

Beautiful airport, huge bunny, easy check in process, take the tram to your gate and bam your gone. Lot of space, lot of room to study, move around and plenty of restaurants and places to drink.

Let’s rent a car (fuck payless rental)

2016-01-06 15.56.55 (Large)

So after getting fucked while waiting in line at Payless I said screw it I’m going into Avis (out of the rain) Well I told the lady at Avis anything under $85 and she rang me up for $121 so I’m not sure where she got confused, but was def better crappy Payless Rental agency and she hooked me up with a phone charger which is awesome. It was a seamless rental, got in and out real fast since there was no line and none the less Avis helped me when no one else would and she took care of me somewhat.

However, it was convenient and fast, I usually don’t expect high accolades for any rental company since I’ve been screwed by all of them.

Hotel Stay at the Westin

Decided to plop up at the Westin during our one night trip to Sacramento and it was a perfect choice. From the check-in to the bell boys, this Westin is doing it right with all the amenities except free wi-fi.


Awesome Westin looked like a castle cottage

Once again Westin, stop making people pay for Wifi its called a Resort Fee for a reason, whats a resort fee without WIFI?!!


Bed was that Heavenly Spa bed..

The room was spacious, clean, organized, and had a huge bathtub to bath in, but no bubble bath included bunk! Include some bubble bath balls or something. The view outback is cool and has an attached restaurant which we didn’t try but looked decent. About 15 minutes from the Aiport and great rates. Some views of the outside below:

2016-01-06 16.30.17 (Large) 2016-01-07 11.19.11 (Large)2016-01-07 11.19.04 (Large)

Pushkins Gluten Free Bakery

This place is heaven for Gluten-Free lovers which is a bakery filled with gluten-free deliciousness. The parking sucks, but if you do find a spot check this spot out. The only reason for not 4 stars is they use corn flour in some of their products which totally jacks me up and the GMO’s in corn flour are epically high.


However the food is worth the visit, it is excellent, the cookies, the “no name” and pastries make me so happy that I can enjoy this decadent journey to the bakery side. Places like this are virtually non-existent in Texas and finding a place like this in Sac town is amazing. Thank you Pushkins for doing it big for Gluten-Free folks!


Dinner at the Coconut Midtown

This is some good Thai/Hybrid mix of food, the soup, the sweet and sour, DAYUM. Found it on Yelp under gluten-free and decided to stop in the freezing rain to check it out, parked a block away and posted up inside with a window view.

I’ll start of by saying the only reason for not 5 stars is they literally brought out our appetizer, soup, main course all at the same time… we had a table full of food and couldn’t really enjoy everything by itself but the food quality was so good we didn’t worry much. Also we ordered spring rolls with no cilantro and they were brought out with cilantro but she took them off our bill since we didn’t eat them so that is awesome.


This was the best coconut broth I’ve ever had.

2016-01-06 19.39.48 (Large)

Items listed as Gluten-Free, Epic!


Gluten-Free Mixed Vegetable Beef Dish

The coconut Thai something soup is simply amazing and brothful tasting and cured any stomach ache I had, and the sweet and sour chicken/beef GLUTEN FREE was one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had in forever, I’d eat it every other night if I could as well as the soup. The plum wine was eh okay but the service was good, the speed was to fast, however the food selection, gluten free options, and quality makes this place a 5 star eatery. Check it out


Flight to LAX then to Tucson

So we had a flight out to Tucson with a connection in Los Angeles, first we grubbed some awesome spots at the SAC airport. Let’s get some wine and eat first.


It would have been five stars if they had gluten free bread, I thought Cali was all about this trendy stuff lol.

However this elite burger joint with a cool sign and swagalicious staff have their job duties down and provide a friendly great environment to order from. Ordered a cheese burger no bread with some garlic fries, about 10 minutes lady I got to dive in to this delicious burger with a bite of pickle made it stand out.

Wine Flight eh?


Wine flights before flight for $19? Don’t mind if I do.


Make sure you get a twist off for the plane…


Wine Flight Menu


That was our quick adventure to Sacramento, California which I wish we had more time to hit up Napa Valley, next time though…. check out the next post flying to Los Angeles and a visit to Tucson!