A trip to the Phoenix Zoo and stay at a Drury Inn?


Sweet mountain on the drive to PHX

So we rented
a car in Tucson and after our two night adventure their we drove to Phoenix to hang out with a family member, so during the day we decided to hit up the Zoo there as usual which is pretty awesome and massive. I’ll post some pics of where we ate, and the journey to Phoenix as well as all the animals we encountered at the Zoo. Hit read more and keep up, let’s see some exotic animals.


After parking a mile away finally made it to the front…


Will finish updating ASAP


Saw these rows of trees everywhere, still don’t know what they are.. any ideas?

DSC_0413 (Large)

Maybe apples, peaches, oranges?? Tell me!

Welcome to the Zoo! Only about $60 for 2 people.

DSC_0417 (Large)

Cool pathway across towards the animals crossing gators!

DSC_0419 (Large)

Welcome to the Entry Oasis…

DSC_0420 (Large)

This was right in to the left this zoo was super confusing to figure out where to go first.. but Starbucks never lead you wrong.

DSC_0421 (Large)

Well, what I really wanted to see! The local wildlife and what not, let’s go see what this Arizona Trail has to offer..

DSC_0422 (Large)

When you just walked down certain paths they had really super sweet waterfalls, steams, etc just in the middle of no where for that added ambient sound effect.

DSC_0423 (Large)

Showed that ass but not much else little scrounger

DSC_0425 (Large)

He’s just protecting MURICA

DSC_0427 (Large)

I was like MURICA and he turned around

DSC_0428 (Large)

Cool little chill pond but couldn’t find anything in it.


Not sure what this dude was be he was chillin for sure

DSC_0438 (Large)

I was like quick get the gun, but then they were just hanging out.. I could use this in my backyard would be quite entertaining.

DSC_0439 (Large)

Other side of their pen

DSC_0441 (Large)

Little dude was chillin on the inside

DSC_0448 (Large)

Mexican wolf chillin in the background, can you spot him before he eats you?

DSC_0449 (Large)

He likes Tequila

DSC_0451 (Large)

Cool streams every where, just beautiful music to the ears.

DSC_0459 (Large)

Dope ass sculpture in the bird aviary

DSC_0461 (Large)


DSC_0465 (Large)


DSC_0466 (Large)

Bird escaped the trap!

DSC_0467 (Large)

Meerkat Manor chillin

DSC_0471 (Large)

Bust a nut!

DSC_0473 (Large)

Cool shot of a crow


Big Tuxedo Bird, these things are aliens, like War of the Worlds

DSC_0484 (Large)

Starbucks, thank you!

DSC_0485 (Large)

Walking out of the Cafe Area

DSC_0486 (Large)

Need some oatmeal?

DSC_0487 (Large)

These $8 hotdogs are a ripp off, shit was rape.

DSC_0489 (Large)

Jeffrey in he background

DSC_0491 (Large)

Didn’t get to see this show but would be epic I’m sure.

DSC_0496 (Large)

Cool walkway around the ben eh.

DSC_0504 (Large)

Pink Pink Flamingos!

DSC_0513 (Large)

These trees are pretty awesome bunched together like that.

DSC_0519 (Large)


DSC_0530 (Large)

Got a great shot of these baboons

DSC_0539 (Large)

He looked like he wanted to be free and escape.

DSC_0548 (Large)

Cool Rhinos

DSC_0578 (Large)


DSC_0580 (Large)

scratch muh belly please

DSC_0585 (Large)

Fennic Fox wanted to steal this thing


Meow, poor kitty needs to be let out.

DSC_0603 (Large)

These are some trippy ass birds

DSC_0609 (Large)

Cool monkey cage you could get into it.

Our stay at the Drury Inn

Who would have thought a Drury Inn would be doing it so big? I mean there are more amentities here than a 5 star hotel and makes me hate paying for 4+5 star hotels anytime.

2016-01-09 17.21.11 (Large)

530 Kickback is no joke, free booze, free real food such as potatoes, hotdogs, chili, cheese, chips, soft drinks, and more… and it’s GREAT quality of food.

2016-01-09 17.21.16 (Large)

The bed was comfortable, the views are pretty good all around here, and the service and staff checking us in to checking us out was 5 star all the way around.  They had a shuttle that took us to the airport and picked us up when we dropped off our rental car a day early. I’ll def start looking for more Drury Inn’s to stay at because they are pretty epic.
2016-01-09 17.43.58 (Large)

You do not beat free wifi, free parking, no bs resort fees, free booze, free food, I mean really? This is an epic spot, super close to airport.

2016-01-09 17.49.18 (Large)

No gluten free bread but the potato and chili and cheese is the best thing ever.

2016-01-09 19.51.40 (Large)

We then met some family for another dinner, who could pass up 5:30 kick backs? lol, so we grubbed again but hey to-go food is perfect when traveling for the night.

2016-01-09 21.52.05 (Large)

Decided to hit up a Whole Foods like we usually do in every center to experience the local faire, and what local purveyors have that is popular within the region.


These local candles were some of the best smelling ones I’ve had up my nostrils, check them out on their website. Expensive but they are LEGIT.

2016-01-09 21.08.06 (Large)

Who doesn’t love the Sake/Champagne section? We opted out since we still had a bottle of wine from Sacramento that hasn’t broke yet haha.

DSC_0649 (Large)

Sun is starting to set…. until next time Phoenix.


A sunset out our window in Phoenix we will see you again one day…

That’s all for our Phoenix adventure, check out Tomorrow where we fly to Birmingham, AL.