Day 1 in New York City: Trip to the Central Park Zoo and Hagi


This was for sale in our hotel lobby $599

Instead of just posting a bunch of photos in one post I’ll create a bunch of separate posts for each adventure I come upon so it’s easier to search and manage through Google. The Central Park Zoo was fkin cold, and I had to create my own gloves. I can’t believe they don’t sell adult gloves/hats only children’s which is bullshit, I hate to buy socks and cut holes with my knife. The first night after we landed we got our uber and stayed at the Sheraton hotel and searched restaurants that Anthony Bourdain has went too and found one that was called Hagi 46 Sake Bar so we ended up hitting it up!


Sake Bar Hagi: Anthony Bourdain Inspired

Wanted to find a place on our first night in NYC and decided to check out spots that one of my favorite travel shows “Anthony Bourdain” has visited and he has came here and decided this would be the place, especially since they were open till like midnight. Being from Texas the entire foodie feel of this place was epic, walking down the stairs to the abyss of culinary genius of master sushi chefs and sake everywhere was an awesome first impression.

2016-01-21 01.55.00 (Large)



step on down into Sake Bar

2016-01-21 01.20.20 (Large)


Ordered a bottle of sake which was real dry and our fault for not knowing enough but none the less wasn’t to bad. I also informed him of my gluten allergies and he acknowledged I think, without speaking English it’s really hard to tell whether they understand you or not. The menu is HUGE overwhelming in fact it’s hard to pick especially being gluten free, so after 20 minutes I told him this that this that check with chef and apparently they do not carry gluten-free soy sauce which is a sham for being such a big city it’s pathetic. I also couldn’t order any skewers, most of the sushi that had been soy glazed so I ended up getting a bowl of garlic rice. It was good none the less and the lady enjoyed her skewers.



Gluten-Free Garlic Rice Dish


Inside of the Sake Bar Hagi

I just wish places like this would get on board and carry gluten-free soy sauce, it’s not hard to keep one bottle in stock for a patron such as myself, also to make anything the same just use the GF sauce instead… I’m not looking for a major change here. It would be 5 stars if they caried it, but maybe next time. Otherwise I’d probably never come back, nor recommend to any of my glutenator yelp friends. However, if your not allergic to wheat then this place is probably an epic dream paradise, it’s pretty awesome.


The Next Day: Trip to Central Park Zoo


Waiting for our Uber at the Sheraton


Walking into the Canadian Embassy aka Central Park Zoo


Walking up to the Zoo


Gift Shop doesn’t sell gloves, had to make my own out of socks.


Middle of the Zoo


He wanted a friend….


Looking onto the birds exhibit

DSC_0037 (Large)

View from the inside out.



DSC_0055 (Large)

Who? Who? Who?

DSC_0064 (Large)



Bear was chillin


Couple of the creatures I encountered….

DSC_0164 (Large)

This is some sweet stuff, I love the castle look.

DSC_0167 (Large)

Oh so pretty.



DSC_0188 (Large)

Straight up G’s


Blue Bird! Cool stuff.

DSC_0212 (Large)

Got any food?

DSC_0228 (Large)

Gettin them curls in

DSC_0238 (Large)

Cool dude chillin

DSC_0242 (Large)

Majestic Bird hanging out

DSC_0247 (Large)


DSC_0250 (Large)

Whack Whack

DSC_0261 (Large) DSC_0269 (Large) DSC_0290 (Large) DSC_0295 (Large)


Thank you for checking out part day 1 of my New York Adventure, next post we will continue on to Natural History Museum!