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I wanted to take my family to a Michelin starred restaurant while on our trip to NYC and decided to look over the 30+ spots to hit up, this one has been around a long time so I wanted to see what there game level was like. I called prior to making reservations and asked if they make accommodations to gluten-free people and she told me they had to ask the chef and call me back, I never received a phone call back and finally called back 3 hours later.

They told me yes they can make accommodations for gluten and I asked if it was leaving items off the entree or actually substitute certain items, they told me they substitute certain features. As a YELP review before said they just left items off, I was very adamant about this.



Welcome to Michelin Starred Aureole!

The Tasting Menu at Aureole New York City

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Dinner Tasting


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Table Setting

The restaurant is beautiful on the inside, and we were quickly seated once arrived, we all 4 ordered the Tasting menu and had a few cocktails from the bar. It took about 5-7 minutes before any server acknowledged us at our table which we were kinda shocked about, and told them of my allergy and they were aware. The service here was sub-par for this caliber of restaurant, took time to get them to refill our water, took about 10 minutes to make one cocktail drink every time I ordered one, and was not as awesome as $18 should be.

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Yellowfin Tuna Tartare Meyer Lemon, Lychee, Lemongrass, Cilantro, Toasted Sesame

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Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras Concord Grape, Spiced Waffle, Caramelized Maple Syrup

Entirely screwed me on the whole substitution thing with gluten-free, instead of making gluten free waffles for the first course, they left the waffle off, informing me they do not have gluten-free bread (WTF?!). On every tasting menu item instead of placing something on there they just left the item off (even though I still paid full price for it).

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Alaskan Black Cod Bok Choy, Baby Turnip, Pickled Pearl Onion, Yuzu Dashi Vinaigrette

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Beef Trio Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, Braised Beef Cheek, Pâté en Croûte, English Peas, Spinach Purée, Citrus Beef Jus


Pallet Cleanser with Gold Leaf Jello?

The final straw was they brought out the dessert with all wheat sprinkled over the dish and I was like are you serious, this is suppose to be top of the top, it took another 10 minutes for them to re make this dish and bring it back gluten-free after my family finished theirs. Thanks Aureole for ruining my $700 dinner night and making me regret my choice, if you don’t substitute for gluten-free people tell me, and please work on your service with helping patrons with allergies. The food I did receive however was excellent.


Raspberry Chocolate Sacher Cake “Nyangbo” Chocolate Mousse, Toasted Almond Ice Cream (with gluten that they screwed me on)

Well for my first Michelin Starred restaurant was kind of fucked because of the entire gluten-free thing, however the food was excellent and glad knocked off one item on my bucket list.