Day 3 NYC: Snowmageddon and Record Snowfall

On Saturday, Jan. 24, the National Weather Service (NWS) recorded 26.8 inches of snowfall in New York City’s Central Park, which was one of our days visiting New York City and it ended up being awesome. Everything was closed except a few places which sucked but just drinking some booze and walking down to Times Square was awesome. Especially walking in the middle of the street. Check out all these photos of this adventure below.


First view of walking outside our hotel, was a lot of snow!

DSC_0185 (Large) DSC_0187 (Large) DSC_0194 (Large)



Decided to escape the winterness and hit up the only restaurant within a mile Rosie o Grady


They were open! yes, food!

Props for being open during the Blizzard of 2016, little late review but I want to say being across from our hotel the Sheraton this place was pumping out delicious food, great service, and an amazing view while the streets were shut down.


It was jam packed, we got right in and got seated and water served. No gluten-free menu that I knew of but he told me about the Salmon with potatoes and easily got that since it sounded good at the time and it was an excellent choice. Family all enjoyed their grub and had a great time, the coffee was fresh, and the food was quality. Also tried some of the chicken dish which was full of flavor and very good, go check it out.

2016-01-23 12.44.50 (Large) 2016-01-23 16.31.17 (Large) 2016-01-23 17.11.00 (Large)DSC_0212 (Large) DSC_0215 (Large) DSC_0217 (Large) DSC_0219 (Large) DSC_0227 (Large) DSC_0228 (Large) DSC_0229 (Large) DSC_0230 (Large) DSC_0232 (Large) DSC_0235 (Large) DSC_0241 (Large) DSC_0242 (Large)DSC_0243 (Large) DSC_0254 (Large) DSC_0260 (Large) DSC_0261 (Large) DSC_0263 (Large) DSC_0265 (Large) DSC_0267 (Large) DSC_0287 (Large)DSC_0308 (Large) DSC_0310 (Large) DSC_0312 (Large) DSC_0328 (Large) DSC_0329 (Large) DSC_0333 (Large) DSC_0336 (Large) DSC_0339 (Large)DSC_0343 (Large) DSC_0349 (Large) DSC_0360 (Large) DSC_0362 (Large) DSC_0364 (Large) DSC_0366 (Large) DSC_0386 (Large) DSC_0387 (Large) DSC_0394 (Large)DSC_0402 (Large) DSC_0405 (Large) DSC_0421 (Large) DSC_0425 (Large) DSC_0428 (Large) DSC_0430 (Large) DSC_0432 (Large)

Room Service – Gluten Free Club

2016-01-23 22.17.43 (Large)

What’s better at midnight than room service? Nom.

Thanks for checking out my photos of Snowmegeddon 2016 this was a lot of snow to see, especially being from Texas. I will be updating captions and more later. This day was pretty awesome and tiring after walking in all that snow!