Day 4 NYC: Meltshop, Guy Fieris, and Lion King’s oh my


Good morning

The next day,

after the blizzard we were hoping more things would be open and moving along and bam NYC gets back up and runs right after it falls, everything was open and normal like a few days before. Minus the fact the streets were covered in melted salt sludge of snow and a variety of other umbrellas and lost gloves. Wanted to find some place epic for brunch before we ended up walking down to Times Square and ended up finding a spot called the Meltshop.



What every sign looked like walking down Times Square…Read on

Just a little bit more walking……


Winter Wonderland being melted down, ahh.


Visit to Meltshop (gluten free approved)

DSC_0026 (Large)

Welcome to the Meltshop!

Chronic gluten freeness at this spot, be sure to check if out if your in the area, and especially fi your staying at the Sheraton Hotel Times Square. Hit Gluten Free on Yelp and this place popped up during the blizzard and I hopped right in and got so many things.

DSC_0009 (Large)

Glorious Menu of Goods

DSC_0013 (Large)

Waiting to Melt Away my lunch…

DSC_0024 (Large)

The cheese tots were my favorite, but the melt in your mouth meltshop sandwiches + being gluten free are nothing but amazing goodness in your mouth.


Only people inside here today

DSC_0019 (Large)

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, I will be back.

DSC_0029 (Large)

Watch your head.


Street sweepers did an excellent job.


Legit photography right here, your welcome.


Quick visit to the M&M Store, 3 floors of chocolate.


Hershey’s closed the entire time we visited, bunk as fuck.


You can view this camera in Times Square at the link below, be sure to call your family and take a screenshot!

View the Earth Cam Times Square camera here:

DSC_0070 (Large)

Continuing on down the street…


Decided to go see a Broadway show, and ended up getting tickets for the Lion King

DSC_0079 (Large)

What did you say?

DSC_0080 (Large)

Looking down Broadway street and where we went for a quick bite?!?!

Semi quick snack at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen


Thought this would be an excellent experience

No gluten free menu to start the day off with that at a chef who boasts about the American people but doesn’t really accommodate patrons with allergies in his own restaurant is a complete let down. They also were out of the gluten-free beer they so provide and get this it was “gluten-reduced” I mean who the heck drinks gluten reduced beer? It has to be gluten free guy, hello.

DSC_0089 (Large)

He had a lot of shit for sale that nobody I saw was buying.

Anyways got some truffle fries, a super dry chicken that had little to no flavor, and a waiter who was decent and got most of the job done but had to check 3 or 4 times with the chef to know what was gluten free. The atmosphere and service and truffle fries were for the 1 star.


Menu Cover


The interior was actually pretty cool, like an American Kitchen


Excellent Truffle Frites

2016-01-24 16.37.28 (Large)

Roasted chicken dish, dryer than the Arizona Dessert

Not having a gluten-free/allergen menu in NYC is appalling and I’m quite ashamed this high level of a host/restaurant owner screws us. Will def spread the word to my gluten-free patrons. Onwards towards the rest of the day..


Trying to hale a cab to go back to our hotel to get ready for the Lion King


Eh, decided to walk, was hard to jump snow barriers for a cab


Broadway- Time for the Lion King


Broadway – Let’s see the Lion King


Up you go to the theater beyond!

lion king

Shh, get your drinks before this show starts.


Final Thoughts on Lion King: I guess coming from Las Vegas and seeing Cirq shows I just don’t quite understand Broadway, I mean for over $200 a ticket, and $20 cocktails this show was suppose to blow my socks off but was like a children’s play and fell asleep half way through.

I love good live shows, Broadway, but I guess having been to Vegas in the past this just wasn’t up to my standards.. not sure what I was expecting or looking for I guess. I mean It’s the Lion King alright re-interpreted through song and dance but the prices are outrageous for the quality of this performance.. I mean this day at least it seemed no one really cared to live up to its hype. Will def be a few years before I ever attend a Broadway show.. I’ll stick with Cirque De Soleil for now.


Late Dinner at Tony’s Est. 1959

2016-01-24 22.42.11 (Large)

Came here after watching the Lion King which was just across the street from Times Square, I read it on YELP as having gluten-free fare and great service.

Sure enough this Italian restaurant is like a 5 star Michelin Starred spot, it was excellent from the food to the drinks everything was delicious. Walking in it feels like an old vintage Italian house with cool chalkboards on the wall with all the menu items. The servings are pretty big enough for 2 or 3 people so order light, and they also have gluten free pasta which is excellent just inform your server!

2016-01-24 21.49.19 (Large)

Excellent Shrimp Appetizer to start, mouth watering.


Not gluten-free but was for the friends, they do have GF pasta however


Super hot potatoes, excellent flavor.

2016-01-24 22.10.34 (Large)

Amazing gluten-free veal, NOMNOMNOM


Awesome menus along the walls

  That concludes day 5, the next day half of our party flew out, but due to the blizzard still crippling the airport we had to come all the way to Manhattan for another night. Day 6 and 7 was not planned!