Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines and a trip to Tampa Florida


Trip is booked, who’s ready to go?

Got a good price on a trip to Tampa,

Florida so said why not let’s go see what Tampa has to offer, and hey last time I was on a layover there the airport had gluten-free beer so it left a good impression. This adventure we ended up flying out of Houston so stopped by Houston’s first certified green restaurant “Ruggles Green” – one of my favorites, and then a quick stay at Springhill Suites.


The next day we flew out flying Spirit Airlines which I read was the worst plane company ever, but turned out to be the best plane I’ve ever flew especiall when you sit in the big front seats… first class upgrade for $15 I think so. Then join me on a day trip to Busch Gardens! Keep on reading…


First stop: Ruggles Green in Houston, Texas

I love Ruggles Green and all their locations are always fast, friendly and have great service. Stopped in here before a flight out the next day and had a decent truffle burger and beer.

If you can’t find a parking spot near the place check the parking garage, usually spots available. Also get the gluten-free pizza and pork panini with mango ranch salsa and a gluten-free redbridge beer, it is excellent!

ruggles green

Truffle Burger, eh I could make better.

2016-02-06 12.17.54 (Large)


Our abode for the night:

Fridge, microwave, separate toilet from shower, extra shower sprayer aimed at your belly lol this hotel is awesome!

Was debating staying here or the grandmas house an hour away and chose this hotel due to the price of only $88 for the night and it turned out to be a 5 star experience. This hotel has it all, soon as you park and walk in the friendly staff greets you and spares to expense in talking to you and helping you check in. They have a hotel bar which I didn’t indulge in but soon as we got to our room on the first floor which was AWESOME to walk right in I noticed a huge spacious room with a desk, couch, divider from the bed. It also had a separate bathroom/sink from the shower bathroom that also had it’s own sink.

Two bathrooms, to some people this is a big deal, and the bed was super comfortable and had charging stations for your phone right next to the bed on both sides and was super clean and comfortable. I’d stay here any day of the week. The best part was the airport is less than a mile away! Book it here.



Houston International Airport


My favorite sign when I’m leaving town…


The parking has great views of the runway.


Take a photo of where you parked, don’t forget.



Flying Spirit Airlines was an excellent experience

First time flying Spirit Airlines and I read so many horror stories about it and all this and I’m like what the hell it can’t be that bad.. I realized on their website during booking they pinny pinch everything which is okay because they charge the lowest fares and prices for tickets. The only thing I read that people were bitching about was being up charged for bags and bringing on bigger bags than allowed. If you get a measuring tape and measure your bag and wear extra clothes you can’t go wrong.


Big Front Seat, plenty of room for my size 6″2 and 240lbs

These people blindly book an airlines and don’t read the rules then get pissed off at the airlines, fucking idiots man I tell you. However you also have the option to upgrade to a Big Front Seat which in my opinion is the only way to fly Spirit Airlines, for like $14 extra you get a first class seat, I was shocked when I realized I was sitting first class both ways and the airplane was new as well as the staff was friendly. The only downside was no Wi-fi which I always have a USB loaded with gigs of movies, tvs, music so no wifi doesn’t scare me on a long haul.



All the action is in the front, in the Big Front Seats!


Spirit does have the smallest seat pitch of any airlines 28″ to be exact which others like Southwest has 32″ which is how much room is from the back of the seat to the back of the next seat in front of you. You can also purchase water, alcoholic drinks, even Moscow mules! This airline was the best airline I’ve flown in forever and I’m constantly looking for places to go that do have the Big Front Seats available, if you haven’t used Spirit or are scared of the reviews, try them out and you’ll be amazed.




Westin Tampa

Got a great deal on Westin Tampa Harbour and had a pleasant stay, however the restaurant Jacksons below was a let down, and ended up hitting up Busch Gardens for the day, however I realized Disney was only hour and half away and had a real struggle just not driving there and going to EPCOT for the day.. Anyways check out our views.


View of Tampa Harbor from our Hotel window


Great views, high floor, and comfortable beds.


Disney World was only an hour away from Tampa!?!!?

Let’s go to Busch Gardens!

Bush Gardens is pretty awesome but most of the fans are correct do not expect the Disney Magical Experience here.


Right after you enter the park, some big ol Florida Gators!

Also when the web site has ride updates and say 1 ride is not working it’s a lie. When we went there was 4 rides that were not working including the only one I really wanted to ride was the Skyway carts.


Flamingos chillin there day away…


A lot of things were also closed.

This park is loaded with poor animals listening to roller coasters and screams all day long, however the park is elite and expansive and has lots of cool options to eat, ride, chill, and hang out. The Brazilian chanting girls are the reason for knocking off a star, Disney took care of this problem and you guys should to it’s highly annoying.



Cool place that awesome rocks, statues, and trinkets.


Overpriced Patagonian Grill, bring your own snacks!

The food at some grill in Patagonia was way to expensive for the quality and what your actually getting it’s almost extortion as well as not having gluten-free bread anywhere in this park is the reason for knocking off another star. It shouldn’t be hard to have a gluten free accommodation especially when you have these “allergy cards” that explain let a chef know.



Ducks and birds lounging by the pool

2016-02-07 14.16.29 (Large)

This was like bird Forrest, so many different species.


I love these things, I made about 5 that day.

2016-02-07 14.22.18 (Large)

That fresh smell of plastic being made in front of your eyes!

Also if you want to get the $50 fast pass unlimited be sure you get it at the beginning of the park because you can not get it at the back of the park for some unknown reason, but I know! They do offer $30.99 at the back of the park for one fast pass but not the unlimited so we had to walk all the way back to the front of the park to get these fast passes. These did pay off however most of the staff didn’t even care and don’t double check you once you get in the fast line we witnessed a bunch of kids jumping under the line and no one to check them.


Only thing I really wanted to ride was closed (Skyway Carts)


These poor animals had to listen to screams and noise all day.


This train needed like 10000lbs of lube/grease seriously loud AF


Don’t mind If I do look legit in front of Wildlife Docs


Laughing Hyena on the move!


Hanging out by the Savannah which is cool when you pass it on the train


This was a huge restaurant/bar but the service was 0 so we left.


Waited 30 minutes for coffee and snacks, but place was legit.


Had all sorts of goodies, a few gluten-free items.


Onto some Gorillas just hanging out!


They look bored as fuck.

Plastic Animal Making Machines are 5+ and a relic of Seaworld which I love. The elephants, cats, sloths, make this place a 5 star park. The rides are also great, and this park is a good way to spend the day. You really only need about 4-5 hours at a brisk walk to knock this park out. It didn’t take THAT long.. I’d come back here with family, or friends in the future but with Disney World being so close it’s hard to make that call.


Dinner at Jackson’s Bistro

2016-02-07 21.51.16 (Large)

Well the restaurant interior was cool, the walk from the Westin hotel was short, the loud noises heard all night from Jackson’s sucked staying at the hotel next door.

2016-02-07 21.12.46 (Large)
However I read one reviewer telling me they could make accommodations for gluten-free allergen patrons such as myself and didn’t want to pull the car out of the garage so decided to check out Jackson’s. Our waiter seemed informed, knowledgeable and up to speed on me explaining my allergy and offered choices and checked with the chef what was gluten free. The menu here is expansive and in dire need of a consolidated focused menu, the menu is an all around the world trip it seemed like with sushi, steaks, fusion foods, Italian, etc.

2016-02-07 21.23.20 (Large)
The Miso Soup was excellent and brothful as it’s hard to mess up miso, I also got the $14 Rum Rummer drink which could have been a bit stronger and served with a proper hurricane glass for the price. I told the chef I’ll try the short rib entree and he told me he could do it gluten-free and would be perfect, I asked him if it’s marinated with soy or anything and he seemed confused about “soy” containing gluten. However when my entree arrived it was entirely covered in deep fried onion strings… So now my lady has her entree I have to send mine back and explain this is wheat and I need it remade/removed.

2016-02-07 21.36.18 (Large)
He quickly brings me back the same dish that is still covered in crumbs of wheat all over the short-rib.. they just removed all these onion strings while it was still covered in wheat. However I picked off most parts of it and continued to eat it which later proved horribly wrong as I was sick the rest of the next day. I’d figure for the price point this place could easily accommodate an allergy sufferer but to my demise they were not up to par. So be warned if you suffer from allergies, the waiter I encountered this night was off his game with a dead restaurant.


Flight back to Texas

Grubbed somewhere at the Tampa Airport, but here is my dish forgot where it was?


Chicken Swiss and some whipped potatoes Yumm.


Flew back Exit Row seating on the way back, just as much room as first.


Plenty of room, loved it!

Thanks for hanging out with me in Tampa, Florida next stop Las Vegas!

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