My Miracle-Gro Aerogarden and Updates

I got a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra Indoor Garden with Gourmetet Herb Seed Kit for Christmas and finally started to grow, I’m currently on day 17 so I’ll start posting my updates on it and how it’s doing. Out of the 6 planted only one is a dud! Everyday they grow like 2 inches it’s insane so check out the updates.

My kit included the Herb Kit which was: Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Curly Parsley, Dill and Mint

Day 1:


Just pulling it out of box and getting it setup, o0oo0o digital screen.

Day 2:


Got the lights connected, bulbs inserted and filled it up with water. It’s super simple with easy steps and instructions. Then you put the little clear domes over each pod. Then throw some NOOTS in their for them to grow which is to the right of the garden.

Day 7:


I went out of town for a week and was so ready to come home to see what happened, didn’t know if any of them would grow and BAM full of life going on in my Aerogarden.


The dill in the front was super growing and the basil in the background is slowly coming up, the mint is creepin, and the Gen basil I think is a dud.


Once the little dudes touch the top of the plastic domes you remove them so they can shoot up. The basil is coming up nicely and the small cilantro is trying to escape it’s pod.

Day 16:


You can see the basil starting to lean towards the light, I tried to rotate them so their stems got stronger before the roots got to long, but this little basil dude just shot up so fast. I’ll be taking another picture tonight let’s see how there doing.


Day 26:


That Thai Basil is growing so fast, already barely touching the light.


Leaves got droopy realized the water was super low

2016-02-28 04.50.45 (Large)

Cilantro in the back getting there, the dill is growing up nicely at a curved angle


Day 72:

Lol, been awhile since I updated but the thing is going nuts like jack and the bean stalk all the way into space. I’m not sure what to do with all these greenage but I guess I need to start cooking, I should have thought this out before I started growing a forest of herbs.


Day 100:

8/7/2016: This thing has been in full bloom, died a few times, and came back to life. I have yet to cook with it and feel like a horrible plant parent. Not sure what to do now.


It’s growing flowers, like wtf is this a pootonnona?


So pretty, chronic food for it.


Sell you an ounce of some basil yo? hit me up. lol


Check back I’ll be keeping updates going.

You can purchase one to for yourself here: