Few gluten free foodie stops in Houston, Texas


Late night sesh at Underbelly (beet salad)

On a quick trip to Houston for the weekend I found a few new places that are worth mentioning and posting about. Enjoying True Foods as always for lunch and then we found a badass spot called Phoenicia Foods in downtown Houston that is a foodies dreamland, then had dessert at a place called Bite Macaroons and a stop in between at a vinyl toy store. Oh yeah, also found a super sweet food truck called SMOSH that had amazing ice-cream sandwiches.


This place is top 5 gluten free deliciousness. Go here.


True Food cont….

Location: BLVD Place
1700 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77056

The restaurant is located behind a Whole Foods in Houston and next door to PESCA the fish restaurant. The parking is eh, but you can park in the Whole Foods parking garage or valet your ride.


Gluten Free Miso Soup


Kale-Aid and Brocc App YUM


The menu, service, and food quality is all 5 star. Had a few cocktails which were excellent as well as an omission lager beer in a cold mug. The manager I encountered and our waiter were on point and fast movers. The menu notes everything that is Gluten-Free. You can get gluten free bread with the guacamole and chips which that dip is darn good. For main course had the buffalo with cauliflower puree wowwowowowow that is the best I have ever had, and the beef was so tender and seasoned perfectly.

The restaurant decor and bathrooms give off a real organic, earthy feel and fit perfectly with the dining experience. The first bathroom I’ve experienced that men and women both wash their hands together in a perfect world.


Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagna, so damn good.


Tandoori Chicken with Lentil, excellent but little dry.

To-go we ordered a couple pizzas to go gluten free and let me tell you some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had. I can’t wait back to get into True Food Kitchen this place is good. Also had same review and different photos the last time I went there, find that here: http://chillinfood.com/2015/09/19/true-food-kitchen-houstontx/


Quick stop at Insomnia Video Game Culture

Since I collect Vinyl Toys and what not had to pay these guys a visit since I’ve never been here. They had some cool stuff but the owner didn’t know a few popular artists but none the less was legit.

Awesome Vinyl Store, people walking in with bottles of wine and beer getting all drunk to play some video games, it was a first but hey why do it any other way.

A lot of kidrobot, dunny, different toy brands. He doesn’t carry Bwana Spoons which is my favorite and one of the most famous artists especially in New York, they do have a lot of locally made items which are okay but it looks like I could goto Hobby Lobby and make what they made, sorry lol.

However they have tournaments, and the coolest is the custom art on the wall which is made locally which I love. This place is legit and I’m proud Houston has a store focused on Vinyl Toys.


If you need some vinyl toys, this place has a few.


Phoenicia Specialty Foods Visit


Located in downtown Houston this place is awesome, checked it out over the weekend and they have a large variety of goods from elsewhere beyond Earth and Texas.


Name a country, they had grub from there.


They have a little bit of everything.


Ehhhh not sure?


Need some Olive Oil?

Shopping here is a true foodie experience as well as you feel like your in a different country shopping. A lot of Jew foods, Turkish, Greek, South America, etc… it’s real cool and fun to try and diagnose ingredients.


Middle Eastern Fruit Juice


Picked up a Greek chocolate bar, excellent.


Also grabbed a case of Greek water no clue why

I love having options from all over the world and their olive oil section is massive, you park in the parking garage and then grab a cart and go, and you can even get in the elevator and go to the second level which has more goodies and kitchen equipment. This place is epically awesome.


Stop at SMOSH

Lady wanted some ice cream, no gluten free treats here but they did say they will have gluten free cones soon! awesome.


Get in line for that SMOSH!


SMOSH Cookie.

Late night snack at Bite Macaroon

2016-02-21 21.05.02 (Large)

2016-02-21 20.20.57 (Large)




Never reviewed this place but stopped in here after grubbing some Pho next door at Vietopia, this place was legendary and has some of the best macaroons I’ve ever had. Especially the Popsicle looking one, simply amazing and full of flavors, if your ever in Houston look this place up.



Yum Yum Yum Yum


That’s it for my quick trip to Houston, Texas.

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