Las Vegas Encore Hotel and a visit to the Strip

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So I recently went to Vegas for a week for the Nightclub & Bar Show and to experience some new foodie places and to check out the local nightlife scene. I’ll be posting a few blog entries to my adventure here since it would be to much for one post.


Day 1 we flew in, took a limo ride to our hotel the Encore and then checked out the room which is baller as fuck. We then decided to go eat at Wazuzu which use to be one of my favorite gluten-free restaurants in Las Vegas, and then their menu changed to offer corn based gluten free fried dishes which pure GMO crap I don’t like.

So check out this entry with a quick visit to our hotel room and hanging out downtown.



Walking into the suite at the Encore..

Encore is by far the most luxurious, best hotel in Las Vegas, as well as it’s sister the Wynn.

This is a 10 Star hotel, you walk in, it smells of luxury, looks of luxury, and the staff is excellent in greeting you before you even get near the door. It’s an Asian theme, everything is red, beautiful decor, beautiful flowers, the bars they have while you walk through it are equally beautiful.


First thing I noticed when I walked in, Home Alone style.


Everything controlled by a display next to the Sferra bedsheets and Wynn pillows.


Loungers next to a beautiful view of south strip Las Vegas.


Our view from the room.

The restaurants they have, especially- WAZU! Are the most amazing/freshest of ingredients anywhere in Vegas, this is a FOODIE HOTEL. If you love food, and luxury chillin, go to the Encore. Pricey I might add, but hey it’s Vegas and worth it.


Wazuzu Mushroom Soup!

If your coming to Vegas and never have, PLEASE STOP IN THE ENCORE, this place is what Luxury/Rich/Fine Dining is really all about, you will not go home the same person after visiting the Wynn/Encore..


Gluten-Free Corn Based Orange Chicken, eh.


View from the Umbrella Bar


Carousel made out of flowers

The casino is amazing as well, lot’s of Slot Machines, Tables, High Roller Areas, as well as Wheel of FORRRTUNNNNNE my personal favorite.


Room service delivered an excellent gluten free sandwich as well.

A quick walk down the strip..


A quick stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World, a new addition to Vegas strip.


Crossing the upper bridge to get down to that brooklyn bridge!


This was awesome, better style then Hershey, PA display!


They say it was made out of chocolate but I’m not sure.


Are we in New York again?


Super cool innovative future restaurant.


Grab a bite to eat after a long day… organic non GMO


Gluten free buns and fries yay!


Perfect ending to a great fly in day to Vegas!

That concludes the first day in Vegas trip so check back tomorrow for a breakfast of champions at Serendipity’s and a visit to Caesars Palace. Also scoped out a few new bars that are cool.