Nightclub and Bar Show Las Vegas 2016 Visit

Day 3 in Vegas:

Let’s hit up the Nightclub & Bar show and see what trouble we can get into or find something we end up buying, there was some amazing stuff to see there I’ll tell you that. It was EPIC, and they have a majority of the alcohol towards the end so you don’t get drunk at first but you most def can if you wish. It use to be run by Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue but now he has moved on to another alcohol show. Then after the show feeling good we decide to go hit up Aria mall, Belagio, chocolate and some other goodness.


Welcome to the Nightclub & Bar Show 2016!


Continuing on to the NBCShow 2016


at the Las Vegas convention center and this place was HUGE

2016-03-08 13.01.53 (Large)

Had a few Hookah booths to check out with samples, oh yeah.


Massive, I see the smoke machine booth haha


Awesome chilled tap machines

2016-03-08 14.40.40 (Large)

Light up LED Fooseball? I think so! $7500 no thanks


Misters booth, get cooled off here if you were sweating

2016-03-08 15.09.09 (Large)



This was like a 300″ OLED TV, amazing at $300K

2016-03-08 16.19.26 (Large)

New Limo Tech


Some tit vodka?

2016-03-08 16.58.08 (Large)

most epic shit ever, inhale vodka? cmon now only $1500 online, go check out Vapshot if you haven’t this stuff was awesome.


Alcoholic Popsicles, I think yes.


Great way to energize, cherry vodka and pussy juice (really)


Infuse anything you want into booze? lol.


Time for GRUB: We head over to Belagio Buffet


super stoked, fatkid mode=engage buffet style


Soooo beautiful for FOOD


My first plate of DIGS


Now some random photos of our walking adventure after the glorious buffet


Said he was worth 15 mil pfffft


Now this dude was legit! Kitty was real no joke MEOW

2016-03-08 20.38.41 (Large)

Found a dope vinyl toy store, but had 0 original custom pieces

2016-03-08 20.48.22 (Large)

Took like 4 shots of healthy vegan shit, felt alive.

2016-03-08 21.52.00 (Large)

Saw some shit at Aria I wanted to eat but nothing gluten free

2016-03-08 22.21.39 (Large)

Walked through Miracle Mile shops to hit up a store before closing

2016-03-08 22.50.39 (Large)

Headed to Planet Hollywood to try Gordon Ramsays spot

2016-03-08 22.55.10 (Large)

Busy night it was danielson

2016-03-08 22.55.14 (Large)

Chill little bar area

2016-03-08 23.02.28 (Large)

Keep drinking, thats the goal here guys, especially in Vegas

2016-03-08 23.07.16 (Large)

This were like Gouda Fries with a fried egg, to full to try a burger, however they didn’t even have gluten free bread, BULLSHIAT Gordon.


That concludes the nightclub and bar show, I had a lot more photos but were more personal so if you want more information or anything on the NBC contact me and let me know I will respond quick as I can! If you didn’t visit Day 2 in vegas, check it out at the link below. Thanks.


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