Quick trip to Round Rock, Texas and some Texas BBQ

Had to come up to Round Rock for a graduation and explored a few of the local dining options and had some great luck. Didn’t have any clue that Round Rock had it’s own little food scene, It’s about an hour drive north of Austin, a pleasant one at that. But first had an epic toy and candle find on my trip in Vegas that I packed and totally forgot about until now, check it below.


New addition to the center speaker, got a dope croc and Wynn candle back in Vegas!

Ok click read more to check out my first stop Jack Allen’s Kitchen!

Jack Allen’s, Round Rock, Texas


Stayed in Round Rock for the night and checked YELP for the best restaurant/gluten free spot in town. Jack Allen’s came up and they offer a gluten free menu which is small but worthy of a visit by gluten free patrons.


They have a huge menu but only about 4 or 5 gluten free items on their menu. Got the Chili french fry’s and they were said to be gluten free however they were not on the GF menu which was odd, I’m guessing cross contamination factors in here but these fries were excellent. Also got some bacon wrapped quail legs for an appetizer which were excellent and tasty the last bone bite. These were on the gluten free menu.

Round Rock, Texas

Bacon Wrapped Texas Quail


Simply Grilled Salmon (was tasty)


Cilanto Pest Grilled Chicken (tasty!)

For drinks we got a couple different cockails which were eh, the 3 diferent ones we got sucked and def could use a better bartender or a pick up. However tocking gluten free Omission lager is a WIN. For entree got the Salmon which was excellent and side vegetables were tasty and perfectly cooked through.

Gluten Free approved place with great service, atmosphere, and food. If your in Round Rock, check them out.


the next day…..

The Salt Lick

2016-03-18 14.09.17 (Large)

.The next day we ended up at a so called “Famous” BBQ joint, but who knows because every bbq joint in Texas is “Famous”.  However I didn’t end reviewing this place because #1 it sucked, and #2 it was some of the most expensive BBQ I’ve ever purchased it was like $23 for a shitty rib plate that only had one rib on it and a few sides and brisket, like wtf. It was decent but nothing to make me ever want to go back or tell my friends about, food pictures below.


$23 for a rib and a shit slop of sides


Another plate of slop shit, wasn’t that bad but the price kilt it fer me.


Plenty of seating outside!


That’s all from my quick overnight trip to Round Rock, Texas, be sure to check out next week I’m going to hit up a couple Tea spots in Corpus Christi, also if you missed my last post about me being buying some awesome Disney scented candles check it out below.

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