Gluten Free Pizza in Corpus Christi and some Tea

So I wanted to go hit up a few new places in downtown Corpus Christi that I haven’t been to in awhile and one used to be called Fandango Tea room that was an epic spot to grab food, now it’s opened up as something else and I read they have gluten-free options. So I decided to go on a journey to a few new places in Corpus.

First Stop: Lotus Dream Teas


Lots of tea! Cool place, they make there own blends and have variety of bath soaps, etc

Smelt like chili powder going in and realizing they were making their own blend, this Harry Potter feel potions class shop is an epic amazement to ones eye and senses. I’d love to move in here or work here, it’s a pretty cool small quaint place.

The rack all of the teas and the excellent service by the owner was fantastic, I scooped up some black tea as well as some Gun powder green tea which I can’t wait to brew up. Go check this spot out near the old Ying Yang spot downtown. Hit Read More…


Next stop is Fresh! Cafe which was right across the walk way, who would have thought two tea businesses in Corpus decide to open up next door to each other, how stupiiiiiiiiiid why these places keep going out of business.


Literally every table was dirty when I came, food was great though.


Gluten Free Pizza Crust and epic iced green tea!

The only downside of my visit was they just got done after a big rush at lunch and when I came at 5PM there was only two tables cleaned, however when I ordered some Iced green tea and excellent pizza on gluten-free bread I didn’t care what was happening around me.

This gluten-free pizza was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, it was real small but packed with flavor from the cherry tomatoes to the cheese and chicken melting in your mouth this was a darn good pie. It took about 25 minutes to prepare and make and being the only customer was a little worried at the end but that first bite changed everything. Also the green tea I got was excellent and you can smell a variety of different blends to try.
2016-03-25 17.37.07 (Large)

Tucked away in the old Ying Yang Fandango spot this place will surely amaze your taste buds, go check it out, have a variety of food options as well as vegan.


Next stop: Natural Grocers

Okay now time to hit up the grocery store before I head back home, now a new store opened up called Natural Grocers in an old Walgreens lol, so I went to go check it out and see what this shit was all about.


Welcome to Natural Grocers

Eh, #1 one wish this would have been on the south side of town, #2, they ran out of bags.. like really, no BAGS not even ones to purchase (I mean how far is it a drive to Walmart buy bags and stock your brand new store). That was crazy, I had to carry all my items by hand to my car… like really WTH Natural…


Nuts on Nuts son! The Caribbean one was the best.

Other than having no bags, this place is Gluten-Free Heaven, THANK YOU NATURAL GROCERS for opening up a place that sells the largest gluten-free and organic selection in town. They have the largest variety I’ve seen in awhile, even more so than Whole Foods. They have a small organic produce selection which is usual but they also carry two isles of medicine that is natural. The very last Isle has so many different types of flower it’s an amazement in all it’s own. Also try to Caribbean Fruit Mix (organic) is it very tasty.


Probably the largest flour selection I’ve seen in my life.

I’ll def be back here many many many times.
Thank you again NG for coming to Corpus Christi as Sprouts has let me down constantly with service, not carrying any specialty items, and expired food items.