Trip to Asia Cafe in CC and a retry at Bleu Bistro

Asia Cafe: Saw this spot driving by on my daily route and being gluten-free never wanted to stop here due to one time called and they didn’t carry gluten-free soy sauce.

However, I saw a “Pho” sign and was like bam let’s try it, the service, interior, and staff were all on point and offered excellent accommodations.


Pretty good Pho first time around!


Char-grilled Beef with Spring Rolls

There Thai tea is amazing as well as their regular sweet tea. They have a full sushi bar, lobster tank, and a few TV’s to watch. I got a Rainbow roll and some Pho with beef, it was all very good. Saves me so much time now from driving all the way across town to another Pho place. The second time I went was a total let down, full of fatty meat and the broth tasted like water, and I went a third time and was the same, so crossed this one off my list, sad because I had such high hopes and now it went to shit.

Next stop: A re visit to Bleu Bistro in Downtown Corpus, hit read more!

Bleu Bistro

I’ve visited this place over a year ago and was a total let down to say the least. Now I’m not sure if they’ve switched owners but finally went around to try it again and they have vastly improved the quality and service.

The good: Got a table super fast on a Friday night and our server was excellent and accommodating to my gluten-free allergies and made sure everything was kosher.


Shrimp still had shit in them, what the fuck.


Tasty soup!

The not so good: I’m okay with paying high prices for certain things but the 4 “Jumbo Shrimp” for around $18 was a major let down, these were not “jumbo” they were normal sized shrimp and they still had all the guts and crap in them. For $18 please clean the shrimp properly however the marinade that came with the shrimp was chronically good. Also the cocktails we ordered were all way off balance and not properly poured, and for the price of around $11-18 a cocktail I expect these to be perfect and consistent every time. I am a cocktail master, lol.


Bacon Wrapped Tuna (very good!)

Our main entrees were excellent. I got the bacon wrapped tuna which was some of the best I’ve had in a long time and the bacon flavor added to it was a new flavor profile I didn’t think existed. The lady is a crab cake connoisseur and she said these were a 3/5 but none the less enjoyed her cakes.


3/5 Crab Cakes from Crabcake Master

However, after my last visit this place is an awesome restaurant to check out in the Corpus Christi downtown area. It’s a rival of the Republic and offers a great atmosphere, great service and some decent views. If your looking for a romantic date night go check it out.


Off to watch some TV Now…


dude?!?! supergirl met the flash?!? WHAT!


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